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Anime: New Digimon Adventure Tri Teaser and Announcements

Although the long-awaited Digimon Adventure and 02 sequel, Digimon Adventure Tri, was promised a Spring release, anime fans may have noticed that it has yet to air. Most recently, the website for it released another Digi-egg for users to hatch, promising more news on the 6th of the month.

Well, that day is here, and while we’re still awaiting the first episode, there is good news and bad news to be had.

It looks like we’ll be waiting a bit longer until the new anime airs, as it was announced that it will be a 6-part film series (so theoretically the equivalent of a typical 24-episode anime length, give or take), beginning with the first film, “Saikai,” meaning “reunion.” The bad news is, that’s not slated until November, so the wait continues.

Additionally, we’ve learned that while many of the voice actors for the Digimon themselves will be returning, the human characters have new actors. According to Anime News Network, the new voices of the Digidestined are as follow:

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Natsuki Hanae as Taichi Yagami
Yoshimasa Hosoya as Yamato Ishida
Suzuko Mimori as Sora Takenouchi
Mutsumi Tamura as Kōshirō Izumi
Hitomi Yoshida as Mimi Tachikawa
Junya Ikeda as Jō Kido
Junya Enoki as Takeru Takaishi
MAO as Hikari Yagami

This is in addition to previously announced news, such as Kouji Wada and Ayumi Miyazaki performing new renditions of the opening theme, “Butter-fly,” and the Digivolution insert song, “Brave Heart,” respectively. AiM will also return to perform the first ending theme, “I Wish.”

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digitri2However, they continued to build anticipation and whet our appetites for more Digimon with a new video, showing the animation and character designs while announcing the new voice actors. We see Taichi (Tai) grabbing his goggles (which we must assume he got back from Daisuke (Davis) after Digimon Adventure 02), shots of the characters, and perhaps most excitingly, action sequences and an unknown black Digimon in combat with Omegamon (Omnimon), famously introduced in the season 1 movie. But the icing on the cake is to finally hear Taichi’s new voice, and it ends on a shot of Agumon embracing his long-time companion and friend.

You can check out the video below, and join in the eager anticipation for Digimon Adventure Tri. Fans have been waiting years to reunite with the original eight Digidestined, what’s a few more months?


Source: Digimon Adventure tri. is 6-Part Theatrical Anime With New Cast

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