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Anime Studio Manglobe Goes Bankrupt

Are you a fan of the anime series ‘Samurai Champloo’, ‘Samurai Flamenco’, or ‘Gangsta’? If so, we got some bad news to share with you today. It looks like the studio Manglobe (マングローブ) is no more. According to animeanime.bix, the studio has started the procedures for bankruptcy on the 29th after being in a state of insolvency for some time.

This pretty much sucks as the studio has a reputation for some great quality that will be sorely missed. What’s more, is that their upcoming project ‘Genocidal Organ’ which is based on the works of the late novelist Keikaku Itoh will likely be delayed indefinitely or will be taken over by a different company. “The film is slated for a November 13 opening. It would be realistic to move the production [of the movie] to another company, but it would require adjusting the schedule.”

[Source: animeanime.bix]
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