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Anime: Taichi and Agumon Digimon Adventure Tri Designs Revealed

There’s been a new image unveiled for the upcoming Digimon Adventure Tri anime, as revealed in the March issue of V-Jump. Anime News Network reports that the issue reveals the full design of Taichi (Tai) Kamiya, as well as his Digimon partner, Agumon.


Looking at the design, you can see Taichi is a lot taller than his first version, which can be seen off to the left with an advertisement for a set of tags and crests (which I would not be adverse to anyone buying for me). His eyes are smaller, proportions are a lot more mature, and he’s wearing a school uniform of some kind, albeit with a completely untucked and partially-unbuttoned shirt. Yet in spite of the vastly changed design, it’s still unmistakably that same boy that led the Digidestined to victory so many years ago.

Agumon, on the other hand, seems a lot different. His head is now a lot larger in proportion to his body, making him seem more like a bobblehead of himself. Season 5 got some flack for introducing an Agumon with a design that seemed off compared to the first, but this one seems a bit moreso, although that certainly isn’t a dealbreaker.

Digimon Adventure Tri is just a few months away, so we’ll be revisiting the Digital World soon enough.

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Source: Digimon Adventure tri’s New Visual Profiles Taichi, Agumon

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