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Anime: Viz Brings Back Original “Sailor Moon”

With the Sailor Moon revival anime on its way, fans of the series have a lot to look forward to. But there is still a fondness remaining for the original series from the 90’s, which has not gone unnoticed. Viz Media has announced that it has licensed the original anime franchise, and will provide all 200 episodes, three feature films, and various tie-ins, including the never-before-dubbed release of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.




While it is still the same anime that was dubbed and released all those years ago, this one features a new dub voice cast, uncut and uncensored; no more trying to pass off Sailor Neptune and Uranus as cousins, and no more “Sailor Moon Says” at the end of each episode.


The anime will be released digitally with English subtitles in the summer, with the dub coming out some time after. Aside from digital releases, Viz will also offer DVD and Blu-ray/DVD combo releases in fall, available in half-season sets. Both the digital and disk versions will be in its original 4:3 aspect ratio.


Viewers can catch the first four episodes steaming on Viz Media’s service, as well as Hulu Plus this Monday. Every following Monday (referred to by Viz as “Moon-day”) will see another two episodes.

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It will be interesting to see how the original anime compares to the upcoming revival series; aside from the art changes (the new anime intends to be more accurate to the manga’s art style, but the original anime had a special uniqueness some are wishing the revival kept), the original anime included several filler arcs and episodes that the revival will most likely avoid.


Regardless of any differences, for fans that have missed out on any episodes, specials, or, naturally, Sailor Stars, this is a welcome treat.

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