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Catch the Pokemon TCG iPad App

In addition to its successful anime and video game series, Pokemon is known for having a card game that’s been running as long as the show. Although the game has been available digitally online, it’s now being made mobile, as the Pokemon Company has announced a Pokemon TCG Online app for iPads.

The app will be made available September 30th, and can be linked up to existing Pokemon TCG Online accounts through the Pokemon Trainer Club account. In addition to cards being made available on the app (presumably they’ll be offering in-app purchases for those who want to spend money on it), people who buy physical sets of cards can scan or enter codes from each pack to unlock additional packs of cards in the game.

As it is connected to Pokemon TCG Online, that means it will be identical in most all ways. The big difference is the mobile aspect, which means you can play a game on your iPad while just relaxing anywhere, rather than needing your computer, or physical cards and an actual opponent to play against.

Sadly, this is not an updated version of the Game Boy Pokemon Trading Card Game, which many fans fondly remember from their youth. That game has been made available as a digital download on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, but only for customers in Britain. We’re still waiting on a US release.

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