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Digimon 15th Anniversary Anime Details Unveiled

It’s been fifteen years since seven young kids went to camp for the summer, and wound up living in a digital land, but Digimon fans have remained loyal to the series for all this time. And while there have been a number of sequels, the first season still remains a favorite for most.

That’s why it set digi-fans into a joyous frenzy when it was announced that the next Digimon series (either the seventh or eighth series, depending on whether or not you count the second season of Xros Wars as season 7 or 6.5) would bring back the original cast, now in their mid-teens.

At first, news was slow; a few silhouettes of characters, some minor information that was revealed after users constantly clicked on a digi-egg on the website, and more character images that came out over time. That was after a small teaser video, featuring a vocal version of the Japanese opening theme, “Butter-fly” that caused shivers of anticipation.

Now, more information about the new Digimon series has been revealed. The countdown on the website hit zero, and key information has been revealed.

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The new Digimon series will be titled Digimon Adventure Tri, and will be directed from Keitaro Motonaga. Yuuko Kakihara will be the series script supervisor, with Atsuya Uki providing the character designs. Of course, the full designs were also revealed, showing the characters together in their school uniforms.


The designs look rather different from the original anime, with smaller eyes and larger bodies, more in line with season 5, Digimon Savers/Data Squad. However, today’s anime does tend to look different than it did in the 90’s, and the characters are older now.

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Fans of the anime will recall that season 2, a direct sequel to the first season, ended with an epilogue where everyone in the world has a Digimon partner, and the two species live in harmony. All the characters are grown and have families of their own, although to the frustration of many fans, the only characters to marry each other were Matt/Yamato and Sora.

If you just stopped reading this article to rage about that epilogue, and perhaps include something about how TK/Takeru and Kari/Hikari were meant to be together, then you’ve just demonstrated nicely the power of this series.


However, this new season is set to take place some time between season 2 and the epilogue. Will we get to see how the world changes as more Digimon are introduced to human partners? How will the original Digidestined, and the ones that followed in season 2, fit into this world? And perhaps most prominent on everyone’s mind, will they somehow retcon the epilogue to provide the pairings that everyone wants? We’ll have to wait and see.

Oh, and if they could finally give some closure to the mystery of the Dark Ocean, that would be great too.

Until the new series airs, though, we’ll just patiently wait while humming “Digimon, Digital Monsters, Digimon are the champions.” Digimon Adventure Tri will hit the air in Spring of 2015.

Source: New Digimon Anime’s Staff, Key Visual, Title Unveiled

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