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Event: Crunchyroll Expo Approaches

The anime streaming service, Crunchyroll, is hosting its first ever convention in just under two weeks. Held in the Santa Clara Convention Center, which previously hosted conventions such as Animation On Display and Hydra Comic Con, the convention is due to run from Friday 8/25 to Sunday 8/27, bringing in fans from around the state.

Initially, the convention remained quiet on the guests it was bringing in, until its panel at Anime Expo announced several of them. Since then, more guests have been added, catching the waves of surging fandoms and bringing in people from all aspects of the industry.

From Japan, the convention will host Kore Yamazaki, the mangaka behind “The Ancient Magus’ Bride,” Keiichi Sigsawa, the author of “Kino’s Journey,” famed illustrator Yoshitaka Amano, and animator Hiroshi Shimizu. From our side of the ocean, Adam Savage, of “Myth Busters” fame, also joins the guest list, along with actors Adam Croasdell, Chris Parson, and Ray Chase.

Of course, the convention will have no shortage of anime voice actors either, with Caitlin Glass, Max Mittleman, and Monica Rial joining the guest list.

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Several prolific YouTubers will also be attending as convention guests, including ProZD, Freddie Wong, Octopimp, Mother’s Basement, and Glass Reflection, among several others.

Equally notable are the members of Rooster Teeth in attendance, from editors to animators to its head of animation, Gray Haddock. Furthermore, with the sudden success of the “Dream Daddy” dating sim, Crunchyroll has invited the creative team behind it to join them at the con.

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Yet the guest list doesn’t stop there! “Castlevania” director Sam Deats will also be in attendance, along with Powerhouse Animation CEO Brad Graeber. Believe it or not, even Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir has been invited, thanks to the explosive popularity of figure skating anime “Yuri!!! On ICE,” a series which he has passionately praised.

Suffice to say, anyone looking to get their fill of autographs will have one busy weekend. Any time left from there will be spent heading to panels, participating in the TED Talk-inspired “CRX Chats,” or participating in the “Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Hunt.”


However, many attendees may find themselves drawn to MAGWest, the California expansion of the famed MAGFest event. MAGWest is taking place in the Santa Clara Hyatt, right next to the convention center – as such, the two events have agreed to allow attendees from each one to visit the other, so CRX attendees can attend the concerts and shows that MAGWest will be hosting.

Phew, that’s looking to be one packed weekend! With a plethora of guests, shows, and panels to look forward to, the hype is certainly building for Crunchyroll Expo. In two short weeks, we can all see how its first show succeeds!

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