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Game: Grab A Copy Of Awesome Fan Made Game “Hyper Dragon Ball Z Champ”

If you are a fan of 2d fighter or Dragon Ball you will want to grab a copy of this awesome fan game, Hyper Dragon Ball Z Champ. No telling how long this will be online before it gets a takedown request. Download links and instructions below.

Hyper Dragon Ball Z – CHAMP BUILD release!
Hello everyone! Team Z2 is proud to announce the next official update to our from-fans-to-fans fighting game built on the MUGEN engine – Hyper Dragon Ball Z! Download links:

North American server:

European server:…

South American server:

To play the game, first download the .rar file. Once you’ve got it, extract it. Then go inside the root folder and launch ‘HyperDBZ.exe’.
The default keyboard buttons are A, S, D for punches, Z, X, C for kicks, the arrow keys for movement and Enter for Start. You can configure the buttons to be mapped somewhere else by starting up the game, going to the Options Menu and then Button Config.

This new build contains updates and re-balances to all the existing characters and adds new characters as well as a couple of new stages and a more polished screenpack.
To gain knowledge about all the updates in more detail, please open the ‘READ ME – UPDATES BUILD 3 to 4.txt’ file that’s located in the ‘information & movelist’ folder.
To know the exact changes done to the existing characters, please open the ‘Changelog build 3 to 4.txt’ file that’s located in each character’s individual folder which are located in the ‘chars’ folder.

This build also comes with a brand new movelist. Two of them actually! Both are located
in the ‘information & movelist’ folder. One is the ‘HyperDBZ – Printable-Movelist’ (opens with Wordpad / Word), which as the name suggests, allows to be printed so you can have a neat movelist lying in front of you whilst playing the game. The second is the ‘HyperDBZ – Detailed Movelist’, which is a folder. Go inside the folder and open the ‘Movelist. html’ file which opens in your default internet browser. It has elaborate descriptions and images for every move.

The game comes packed with the original music themes of WizzyWhipItWonderful, as to be expected.…

A special thanks goes out to the people on the Discord Channel, with an additional shout out to Boss Brown and RawkHawk, who provided many suggested changes and feedback on the characters. If you are interested in talking about the game there (the Hyper DBZ devs are on it as well), follow the invite link here:

Share this video with anybody you know likes 2D gaming, fighting games and/or Dragon Ball! Your efforts are much appreciated!

Current Main Hyper DBZ dev team is: Balthazar, Iced, Just No Point, XGargoyle, Daeron, Barker, AlexSin, Jango, Nico_18, HQ, Thedge and of course Cybaster, with another special mention of WizzyWhipItWondeful!
If you want to support the ongoing project, if only for a little bit, please consider becoming one of Balthazar’s Patreons:
Or for a single donation:…
´Official´ Hyper DBZ Facebook:
‘Official’ Hyper DBZ Twitter:
Mugen Fighters Guild:…

Thank you so much for playing the game! If you enjoy it, please spread the word, show it to your friends and colleagues, invite some people over for exciting Player vs Player matches!

Plans for the future: Android 18, Super Buu, Gotenks, Krillin, Tienshinhan. More stages! More updates and bug fixing, continued balancing! Who knows what else might come! join us and find out!

Hyper Dragon Ball Z is a non-profit fan game, made by fans for fans. If you ever had to click a link or pay for it, you are being fooled! Follow us at

The download for this game is free.

No Youtube revenue is made on this channel.

Dragon Ball is copyright of Akira Toriyama and TOEI TV. Please support the official releases!
A big thanks to Capcom, Bandai Namco Entertainment , Akira Toriyama and many others without which this game wouldn’t be possible.
And last but not least, a special thanks to YOU, for your continued support!

Here is a special folder of images that you are all allowed to use in any articles you plan to write about the game 🙂

ps. The background music in the video is Sho Shinjo’s theme from Battle Arena Toshinden 2. I don’t own the rights to this piece of music; full credit goes to the original composer.




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