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Virtual Crunchyroll Expo: Patrick Seitz Interview

Patrick Seitz is a familiar name in the anime community, and most certainly a familiar voice. He’s lent his voice acting talents to anime characters like Dio from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,” Franky from “One Piece,” and Endeavor from “My Hero Academia,” not to mention a wide array of video game and American animation characters.

As Crunchyroll Expo has moved online to become Virtual Crunchyroll Expo (VCRX), Patrick Seitz will be appearing as a guest of honor. His Q&A Panel, A Conversation With Patrick Seitz, will be live streamed for all attendees to enjoy on Friday, September 4, from 12:30-1:15.

Leading up to the panel, Patrick was happy to answer a few questions from G33k-HQ. Take a look, get his insights into the life of a voice actor, and check out Virtual Crunchyroll Expo this weekend to hear even more from him.

You’ve acted in a number of video games, anime series, and American animated shows. What would you say the difference is between acting for each medium, if there is a noticeable difference?

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“Video game sessions move much more quickly than anime sessions.  With anime, you’re taking a single cue—or sometimes a few cues at a time—but then the director is checking them, having the engineer scoot them, deciding what to keep and what to have you try again.  There’s downtime for your voice built into the process itself.  With video game sessions, unless you’re recording cutscenes (which operate a lot like anime, in terms of matching pre-existing lip-flap), there’s a lot of time where you’re reading each cue twice, the director picks their keeper, and you’re moving onto the next.  It’s very easy to blow out your voice if you’re not careful, or working with a director who’s not mindful of how hard you’re pushing yourself.  The pay is more lucrative, but the risk of injury is much higher.

“Looking back, almost all the sessions over my 20-plus years of doing VO that have really torn me up have been video game gigs.  Somewhere between those two extremes is Western (or pre-lay) animation, where the general timing of a scene might be locked in already, but you’re not having to worry about lip-flap because it doesn’t exist yet.  In those sessions, you might run a page or two at a time, then take a break and get feedback/notes from the director.”

Are there any roles you specifically sought out because you thought “I want to voice this character?”

“Generally, no.  There are so many things that have to go right in order for a role to reach you that actively pining for one is generally setting one’s self up for disappointment.  Similarly, publicly campaigning for roles isn’t my jam.  I know folks do it, and I know it works to greater or lesser degrees, but it feels crass.  Then again, I’m pretty bad at self-promotion in general, so what do I know?

“I think the last time I really set out to land a character and got it was back during the dubbing of ‘Monster’ (which I directed).  I wanted to voice Grimmer so badly, but I knew the client would probably want to hear auditions, since the character was pretty hefty.  I pitched my voicing him in terms of convenience—I’ll just do it, and if you like it, then we don’t have to jump through all the hoops of gathering auditions.  If they’d come back and said, ‘Yeah, no… we’re not feeling it,’ I’d have auditioning folks for the part without complaint.  Luckily, they dug my portrayal enough to leave it be.  ☺”

We’d like to extend our thanks again to Crunchyroll for making this interview possible and to Patrick for answering our questions.

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Want to hear more from Patrick Seitz or the other guests at Virtual Crunchyroll Expo? There’s still time to register for your free VCRX badge. Then, swing by the virtual Hime Stage to check out “A Conversation With Patrick Seitz” and the other guests.

Keep an eye on G33k-HQ for all the latest news and excitement from Crunchyroll Expo and virtual conventions around the world!


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