Superman Men of Steel…or Men of Scrap Metal?

The story presents the world knowing who Superman is with mixed signals. It seems people like him for what he does, but just like in Justice League, there is something about a god watching over you that people just have a problem with. Ever the rd and blue boy scout, Superman still does his job and in the first issue fights a living inferno. That's right, the fire is attacking Metropolis and lives and talks.

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Smallville Season 11: Going beyond TV

Tom Welling played Clark Kent, who just wanted to find his place in the world, beautifully. With every beat, he became someone to relate. Someone who lost his parents and wants to find his place in the world before he can be the hero the world needed.

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Justice League Apokolips is Now

After the nice cliffhanger where I was left, the question remained: where could we go from there? An all out, drag out fight between the Last Son of Krypton against the First Son of Gotham? Would a city be leveled?

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