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ConReview: Tulsa Pop Kids Expo 2017

Tulsa Pop Kids Expo, a first-year convention located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was a success! Attractions included a  life-size Toothless, a child-size Tardis, a Harry Potter wizarding room, huge walking #Marvel characters, gaming, and panels. Artist and celebrities were friendly and approachable, ample vendors were present, there were even giant snakes! Already outgrowing the hotel resort …

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Gallery: Supreme Pro Wrestling Quick Review

On October 15th I had the pleasure of attending the SPW, Supreme Pro Wrestling, Halloween Match. Supreme Pro Wrestling a Sacramento based group that runs shows monthly.  Since this was the Halloween show the audience had to chance to dress up and participate in a costume contest. Lights, fog machine and lots of excitement could be had …

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ConReview: New York Comic Con  2017 Gallery 2

New York Comic Con 2017, amazing beyond belief! Clowns, Mad Hatters, Nova Corps members, Harley Quinn’s, Batman and calls of ‘who killed Kenny’ filled the air this past weekend in the Big Apple. Trailers, panels, interactive booths an artist alley were nothing but spectacular and full of freebies and hilarious antics. Almost 20 artists were …

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ConReview: New York Comic Con  2017 Gallery 1

New York Comic Con  2017 is in full swing with freebies, photo booths, artists and guests stepping up, impressing the crowd and trending upward. Cosplay is hot, creative, mashed and sometimes so accurate you think it’s really the actor looking at you! So much to see and so little time (it seems), to do or …

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ConReview: Sac Pop Culture Expo 2017

2017 marked the first year of the Sac Pop Culture Expo in East Sacramento. On August 5th, 1,000 guests poured into the iconic Scottish Rite Masonic Center for a celebration of fandom and friends. “Pop Culture” is a broad topic and the event was designed to house a variety of nerdy tastes, all in one …

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Event: New York Comic Con 2017 Is Almost Here!

New York Comic Con, NYCC, in all its glory is just around the corner (October 5th-8th at the Javits Center in New York City) and folks are praying for ticket availability, last minute cosplay completions and tons of give-a-ways this year. G33K.HQ is ready to man the cameras, hike over massive mounds of Funko boxes, leap mountains …

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ConReview: Dragon Con 2017 Review; Gallery 2

Dragon Con 2017 slew cosplay expectations! Intense, creative, funny and creepy the one thing in common with all the costumes is that the cosplayers were having fun, making friends and living their hobby to the max. Think these guys and gals look boss? yup, they do and felt boss too in their genre favs surrounded …

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ConReview: Dragon Con 2017 Review; Gallery 1

Dragon Con 2017 in Atlanta, GA was as phenomenal as expected in their 30th year.  DC 2017 successfully incorporating science fiction, comics, art, the annual parade, cosplay, gaming, art, film, literature, music and all things popular culture into a 5-day annual event attendees trek towards every year. Panels, contests, film previews, free gaming areas, a …

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Event: SacAnime Summer 2017

If you are within driving distance of Sacramento and want something fun to do then you will want to head over to SacAnime starting today! As always there will be lots of great guests, fun activities, good panels, and lots of vendors in the exhibit hall. Also, you will want to be sure to stop …

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