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ConReview: New York Comic Con, NYCC 2016

New York Comic Con, a Reed Pop event is amazing this year as diversity reigns supreme this year, a fantastic feat and something NYCC should be proud of and tout endlessly. All ages, sizes, ethinicities, genders and characters are here this year – it’s phenomenally exciting! Comics, comic books, gaming and cosplay are for everyone, …

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Event Review: Wasteland Weekend 2016

Wasteland Weekend, an ultimate Mad Max immersive event held annually in sweaty Bakersfield, CA is mayhem at it’s finest. Spikes, dirt, paint, cars, music and leather make this a must add for your bucket list. In it’s seventh year, this post-apocalyptic festival hit over 2,500 attendees coming from basically… everywhere. These participants scoped costume parts …

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ConReview: Count-I-Con 2016

Count-I-Con,held in Lake County, IL fairgrounds had artists, vendors, vintage games and attendees calibered up and out for fun. Celebs, guests and artists included Marie Bourbonnais, Philo Barnhart, Ashley Witter, Jeffrey and Philip Moy, Dirk Manning, Ash Maczko, Allen Panakal and Archie Cunningham. Rapper and artist MC SchoollyD was also there looking and sounding great with …

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ConReview: DragonCon 2016

DragonCon 2016 brought over 77,000 attendees to Atlanta on Labor Day weekend in it’s 30th year. Attendees came from all 50 states and as far as Fiji and New Zealand! Photoshoots, cosplayers, panels, guests, artists and celebs brought their A-game the full four days. For the first time and as part of it’s 30th year …

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ConReview: Kansas City Comicon 2016

Kansas City Comicon always has high caliber talent attend with incredible cosplay construction. KCCC always takes my breath away with what this absolutely awesome and creative community comes up with next! They are passionate about cosplay! Interested in the Kansas area cosplay scene? Check out KC Cosplay & Photography or Topeka Cosplay Society, they are great groups, fun folks …

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ConReview: Colossus Con – Merced 2016

The very First Colossus Con was this past Saturday September 17th, and was held at the Merced County Fairgrounds. As I have always said how I enjoy the smaller locally run shows, I decided to head out. The event took place in Yosemite Hall at the fairgrounds. There were plenty of vendors and artist along …

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