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Geek Culture and the Fur Community

The Furry community has gotten a lot of bad publicity in the past years due to the misunderstanding of the community. Everyone thinks that the community is all about being sexual as that is the only side that they see. The side they do not see is the Geek Culture. This community is just as much of a Geek as the rest of us.

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GUEST Con Review: Magic City Comic Con

Magic City Comic Con was keeping Miami’s convention center busy with packed parking lots, shuttle buses and had local police managing the traffic blocking both directions of the entrance. Cosplay was everywhere with Anime as the mainstay, followed by gaming costumes, comics and movie/TV characters. Attendee camaraderie during the show and contests was impressive, accompanied …

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Gallery: Wizard Word Reno 2015 Kids Costume Contest

Here is the gallery from the Wizard World Reno 2015 Kid’s Costume Contest. Sorry it has taken a while to get it out, but I think is was well worth the wait. These kids have some wonderful cosplays! I really enjoyed seeing them all and loved seeing so many participants in this contest. Great job, …

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GUEST Con Review: Wizard World New Orleans

Wizard World New Orleans was a sixth year success with high attendance, great guests and celebrities, amazing panels and cosplay galore on the convention floor. Mardi Gras is around the corner and everyone was ready to start getting in the mood by wearing superhero costumes, gaming armor, villainous evil cosplays and tons of roller skating …

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