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VOL 3: Blood and Fire Killer Comics is back with an even more explosive threequel ! From film maker/creators Duncan Cunningham and Aaron Cassidy, alongside their  Killer Comics team comes Volume 3 of the acclaimed dark and gritty crime thriller “Crucifix Executioner.” Known for their cinematic storytelling and badass artwork to match, Killer Comics presents BLOOD AND FIRE. Fans …

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McFarlane Toys My Hero Academia Unboxing

SHOTO TODOROKI Brand: My Hero AcademiaGenre: Anime/ Product Type: Action Figure Series: In Stores NowScale: 7 inchesPrice: $19.99 Shoto is the top in his class, with great intelligence and physical strength.  His Quirk, Half-Cold Half-Hot, gives him the power to freeze with his right hand and burn with his left.  The scope and temperature of his power is …

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The Brick Waffle Maker Is Coming!

Ok, so if you are a fan of LEGO, food, or playing with your food then you will want to check out the Brick Waffle Maker. The technology breakthrough we have all been waiting for! We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well now it can be the most fun, …

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Make Your Mark in the Roll-and-Write Game Tag City

You and your friends have spray paint cans in hand and are looking to leave your mark on the world. You’ve found your blank canvas on the nearest wall and hope to fill it with your best work, using a variety of shapes and colors.  Can you create the best street art in this competitive …

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