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Dungeons of Infinity Interview

To those of us who love board games, Kickstarter has become the gaming Mecca.  I find myself there quite regularly thumbing through the huge variety of games, both from gaming behemoths, like CMON, and from small first-time indie publishers like Infinity and More, and its lead (only) designer Jack Spoerner. Back in March, Jack’s first …

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Makiavelia A Game Of Strategy & Diplomacy

If you like a tabletop game with historical battles, diplomacy, strategy, and mustaches, then you will want to check out Makiavelia! The Empire is falling! Your opportunity to rise to power is now or never. But do you have what it takes to rule? You will need to excel at strategy, diplomacy, and show merciless cunning when …

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Hungry’s Guildhaven City Review

I am a big fan of solo gaming. Well I am a big fan of pretty much all of it, but I often look for games that I can play solo. A few months back, I was tipped off to the Print and Play game Guildhaven City. The one person who was talking about it …

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Super Mario Bros. Fridge Magnets

Super Mario Bros.

If you are a Super Mario Bros. fan then you will love these fridge magnets from Paladone that let you turn any magnetic surface into a Mario Bros. level. Paladone Super Mario Bros. Fridge Magnets – Features 80 Magnetic Characters and Icons.$8.99 Create new Mario levels with this brilliant fridge magnet set based on the …

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Shardhunters – The Card Game

Recently came across this new game Shardhunters – The Card Game on Kickstarter and was intrigued so I thought I would share it all with you. Shardhunters – The Card Game Simple & dynamic gameplay, exclusive artwork. Love dark fantasy card games but don’t have much time? This 20-minute game is for you! Here’s how …

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Snap Games Announced

Snap Games

Snapchat has launched a new game service, Snap Games which lunches today with six games. You can launch Snap Games right from the Chat bar, letting you and your friends start a game in seconds – no installs needed. You can see your friends in-game, send them a chat, or even talk live with voice …

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Blockers: The Stacking Game

Have you heard about Blockers The Stacking Game? Blockers is a fast-paced, competitive tabletop stacking game. In the game, you can play with as many, or little friends/competitors as you like as you race the clock trying to get as many points as possible building structures found on the cards. Official Game Information: The odds …

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Ninjas!! The Stealth Assassin Showdown

NINJAS!! The Stealth Assassin Showdown is an upcoming battle royal board game. The game mechanics sound like they would be fun, and has a great theme. We will have a full review of the game soon, but for now here is the official information: Kickstarter Preview of Ninjas!! Designed by Mike Jack Stoumbos and published …

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Movie Empire Is Up On KickStarter

Do you have what it take to be the top film producer in Hollywood? Well, you can find out in Movie Empire. The game is a mix of worker placement and set collection for 1-4 players. Backstory: Welcome to the world of Mr. Bartholomew Grumpy, the most prolific producer in Hollywood. In Movie Empire you are a …

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Dungeons & Dragons Announces “Acquisitions Inc” Sourcebook

The incredible growth in popularity for Dungeons & Dragons has, in large part, been driven by streaming shows or podcasts like “Critical Role,” “The Adventure Zone,” and of course, “Acquisitions Inc.” The live shows draw thousands of attendees, with packed rooms at PAX and other events. While many of these shows have published their own …

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Stranger Things 3: The Game Announced

Today not only did we learn a lot about Borderlands 3, but also the upcoming Stranger Things 3: The Game! Explore through the world of the hit Netflix original series in the official game for Stranger Things 3! Coming to PlayStation 4 on July 4th.… “Stranger Things 3: The Game” will allow both single-player …

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Sideshow Swap Review

We recently had the opportunity to get our hands on a preview copy of the upcoming game Sideshow Swap, and we have to say it was fun for the whole family. The official description: Sideshow Swap!™ is an original, deduction-style social game based on cunning and chance. Players take turns swapping performer cards and playing …

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Hungry’s Martian Dice Review

Before I get started I received a copy of Martian Dice in exchange for a review. This is not a paid review. Lately I have been receiving various games to review. Let me say that that is super cool! You might say “Out of this world!” (get it? See what I did there?). This weekend …

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