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Everyone is sill clamoring over Age of Ultron. And why shouldn’t we? As a g33k, this movie was everything we could want, a self contained plot, good forward story, while presenting us with new elements that make the franchise proud.

But I for one am not a fan to simply see something new. If I want t truly enjy something, truly experience it, I want the full story or as close to I can get to the full story in a limited amount of time. So for that, I took myself to Ontario, California where I tried to get the full Marvel Experience at Edwards Ontario Palace Stadium 2 & IMAX.

There they had a showing of every Marvel film from Iron Man to Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was a near 29 hour experience with giveaways, collectible cups, cup toppers, and 3D glasses, of which we all attempted to trade one another for the character we wanted. Fan favorite of the evening? Thor! And I am proud to say, I have a Thor cup topper, a Mjölnir key chain and a set of 3D glasses. When I collect, I do not go halfway.

But the beauty of this kind of event is you really get to enjoy the fandom of something. The theater was packed to the brim with people who wanted nohing more thn to cheer for the heroes who have made it to the big screen. With Tank Missile references for each Iron Man film to an amazing staff, including a guy named Tyler who went above the call of duty when it came to helping fans find seats early on and trying to spread out the give-aways, this 28 to 29 hours in a single theater was absolutely amazing.

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Shout out to Tyler at Edwards Ontario Palace Stadium 2 & IMAX.

To move back on point, this even was for the fans. So much so that it went to the point where fans in the back were playing the Marvel cinematic shorts. Costumes were our clothes, enthusiasm was our mutual companionship, and spoilers were the enemies. A room filled with fans fought for 28 hours to know as little as possible about Age of Ultron, and when that movie hit the screen and we reddened our hands from applause, it was all worth it.

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For two hours and twenty one minutes, we sat cheering, screaming, gasping, and in the end, we shouted profanities at the the director, the Lord of the Nerds Joss Whedon. And within a quart of the credits, the room forgave him.

Ultron was absolutely the nerd movie of the summer. It’s only true competition for the year is Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. It had strengths and developments, some of which the audience in my theater did not want to the tune of complaining about a certain character (Hawkeye).


But I would go as far to say the weakest point of the movie were Hulk and Ultron. Hulk was very similar to the one we have had in The Incredible Hulk where he wants to escape and is fearful of his power. It was incredibly done with the divine pen of Joss Whedon and the performance by Mark Ruffalo, but in all honesty, it is something fans have seen before.

And Ultron, while evil, while well acted, and even while being a better Avengers villain than Tom Hiddleston’s Loki felt as though he was lackluster. For the voicing and acting talents of James Spader, this character felt as though it were not whole. This is to not say he was atrocious.

Much like Iron Man 3, while complained about, it is very good as a movie. Just by the standard that Marvel has resented, it is clear that these elements could be much stronger.

However, it is easily said that this movie is amazing and spectacular. As a G33k, I must agree this movie felt like a comic book in every way from fight scene to development. It’s realism was not lacking, but it delve us deeper into a world of gods and man. It never failed to impress. Personally, by watching all of the clips, I misjudged the entire pacing of the film. And that is a surprise to be grateful for.

If you haven’t seen it, do so. If you have, tell us what you think.

And I leave you with this. Every Marvel has a quote. A line that truly sums it up. Something that tells us all we need to know about the characters and the movie. This time, that quote was in the first act of the film.

Simply put, it is: “They’re ‘the Avengers’.”

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