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A New Hope for Comic Retailers During the Pandemic and Beyond?

Many businesses along with the economy in general have suffered due to the COVID pandemic. People and businesses have had to learn to adapt to be able to weather the storm. Among the hardest hit sectors are entertainment and leisure activities. That seems to go double for comics given that the lack of movies and conventions (two big time hype machines) have all but disappeared from the horizon. Is there any hope? Will a hero or heroes emerge to save our beloved pastime?…it might be that help is on the way!


Industry Leaders From Publishing and Retail Debut a Whole New Platform to Grow the Comic Book Industry!

NEW JERSEY–2020 was a turning point for commerce, with unprecedented challenges for brick-and-mortar business, but a tipping point for innovation. The Comic Book Shopping Experience represents a bright idea for the future of the comic book and collectible market borrowing from the past; marrying shopping with entertainment, offering comic book fans an immersive experience, with multi-platform programming, and bringing ongoing attention to the industry we all love! 

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We all miss the excitement of new comic day.

The Comic Book Shopping Experience pools the collective expertise of three thought leaders of the comics and collectibles industry to create a viable new platform for sales and promotion of comics, graphic novels, collectibles and gaming, all while promoting the comics retail community.

Jen King is an Eisner nominated retailer with a heavy focus on community and content, centered around her 5,000 square foot Space Cadets Collection Collection retail store near Houston, TX. King conceived the Plan C Distribution group on Facebook in early 2020, which has grown into a vibrant community where creators promote everything from work at major publishers, self-published and crowdfunded series, with participation from representatives from all of the major publishers, allowing for direct communication with retailers. She is the co-founder of the Comic Book Shopping Network with Jesse James of Jess James Comics in Glendale, AZ, who will serve as a partner in this new venture as well in an advisory role.

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Jen King…can this “King” help usher in a new era for comics?

King says “My sincere and fervent desire is to have The Comic Book Shopping Experience point directly back to Local Comic Shops, and give viewers the excitement and information they need when they arrive there, and to grow the market by reaching out to folks that have not yet been exposed to the awesome creativity that comics represent and what they have inspired in the entertainment industry.”

Jesse James adds “We are in a time of innovation and pivoting constantly in the comic book industry. The Comic Book Shopping Experience allows us to provide both entertainment and a plethora of product to customers around the world daily. There will be no better place to get your Comic Book Therapy than The Comic Book Shopping Experience, with all parts of the industry and pop culture at your fingertips.”


Nick Barrucci has been a force in the collectibles market for close to 30 years through signed and exclusive variants and other products offered through Dynamic Forces and Diamond Premiere Publisher Dynamite Entertainment, with equivalent experience with TV shopping networks, including regular appearances on QVC and Home Shopping Network worldwide including the UK, Canada, Germany in addition to the US.

“The comics industry has been part of my life for 39 years. I love it almost as much as family, friends, and life itself, with many people in the industry are like family as well as some of my closest friends” says Barrucci. “This has been a challenging year, but with challenges, there are those who strive to get past them. Many in the industry showed how strong they could be in the face of adversity. I was impressed with what Jen and Jesse were doing and how they were reaching their fans and customers with the Comic Book Shopping Network. We’ve been discussing internally and working on new initiatives for the industry, but when Jen and Jesse approached me with the idea of working together on something new, we discussed what it would mean.  Can we do something that no one else has done on a grand scale?  Can we create an initiative that supports the industry, retailers, creators and publishers and bring entertainment to the fans?  Can we create an initiative that drives the billions of dollars a year generated with Comic Book Movies, TV Series, action figures, PJ’s and other merchandise and help direct those consumers to the comic stores?  The more we talked, the more we knew we are like minded in agreeing that if we were to do this, it would help to grow the industry, and the idea for the Comic Book Shopping Experience was born.  The stability and growth of the industry is the most important part of this initiative. When I sell on TV Shopping, I make it a point to talk about the importance of comics and Direct Market stores and promoted the industry by asking fans to visit their local comic store.  Because nothing is more important than promoting as many titles and comic related projects in the industry as possible and the retailers who carry them.”

Nick Barrucci at SDCC during better times.

The Comic Book Shopping Experience enlists Kyle Northrop as Executive Producer and launches with its initial slate of programming on Saturday January 16th, hosting a weekend long virtual convention experience through Monday January 18th.  The first day of programing will begin Tuesday evening January 19th. The Comic Book Shopping Experience offers opportunities for participation from retailers, creators, content creators, podcasters, brands, and more. 

We are excited to see this innovative and interesting take on solving this dilemma. The comic community has been deprived of the very thing is really needs to survive, community. Hopefully The Comic Book Shopping Experience can kick start that much needed sense of togetherness and excitement we all missed so much in 2020.

About The Comic Book Shopping Experience:

The Comic Book Shopping Experience aims to showcase the diversity, passion, and talent of comic creators, retailers, and publishers, and to gather and create the best original and curated content to give our viewers the ultimate comic experience, to give their viewers a small taste of what is to come. Every day is a trip to the coolest comic shop or convention all from the convenience of your own home.

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