A New ‘Power Man & Iron Fist’ Comic Book Series!

Yes, yes, all the YES!!! Marvel will be launching a new ‘Power Man & Iron Fist’ comic book series with writer David Walker (Cyborg and Shaft) and Sanford Greene (Runaways and Captain America & the Mighty Avengers). This is especially awesome when you take into account the upcoming Netflix series which are in the works for the characters.

What’s also great is to see how excited Walker is of the project;

“About a year ago or so, [Marvel Editor-In-Chief] Axel Alonso asked me to list all the characters that I wanted to work with the most. He said, ‘Don’t be limited—go as big as you want.’ At the very top of that list were Luke Cage and Danny Rand, and I put in parentheses after their names: ‘as a team.’ Because this was something that I’d wanted to see for years and years. That particular duo, they’re so iconic. As a writer, you love interesting characters, and those two characters are so fun to delve into. They are the ultimate bromantic couple.”

It’s been quite a while since these Heroes for Hire first teamed up and a lot of changed for the two characters. Luke Cage aka Power Man has since gotten married, had a kid, became an Avenger, and lot more. Iron Fist also had his share of adventures like also becoming an Avenger, becoming Daredevil for a time, become an Immortal Weapon of Agamotto, and a lot more as well. The new ‘Power Man & Iron Fist’ series is set to debut in early 2016.

[Source: Newsarama]

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