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‘Alt Control Delete’ Kickstarter for Books 1 & 2 #ResetForEvolution

Have you read the hit comic book series ‘Alt Control Delete’? It’s a sci-fi series set in a futuristic world where VR video games have evolved into a professional sport. A world where gamers are linked up to the system to compete, shop, and be entertained.

Readers follow the story of Tess, a rising star and professional gamer who is in pursuit of an AWOL friend. Her inverstigations have led her deep into the gaming underbelly of New Angeles where she finds herself at a crossroads. Does she risk her tournament standing and follow the trail of her friend? Or does she return to the safety of the compound and forget what she has seen?


The first issue has already been published and is now available on ComiXology Submit. The story will continue with funding of this Kickstarter. There’s a team of talented professionals attached to this project; Eddie Nunez, Ariel Medel, Elkys Nova, Dan Prado, Heather Antos, Nic J. Shaw, and Ramón Govea so you know there’s some good stuff here. And don’t think you’re not going to be getting some cool stuff by helping fund this project. There’s all sorts of goodies that you can score like a physical copy of the comics, prints, t-shirts, a chance to actually be in the comic book, and more! Also with each stretch goals met, for awesome stuff gets unlocked and that’s just good for everybody!


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Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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