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Animated DC vs Marvel Crossover

Imagine it. All of the heroes of DC and Marvel, or at the very least, the main cinematic heroes, coming to blows. It has happened a few times in comic book crossovers.

Luckily for fans, it does not have to be imagines anymore. Saruhan Saral has taken the time to animate something for fans. Now, while it may not be the best of quality, it certainly takes the right amount of talent to put something like this together so it is most definitely worth a look.

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Be the judge:

It is completely fan made, and is not-for-profit, which is the most admirable things about these kinds of YouTube videos. I mean Superman vs Hulk has been going around for years, but that does not stop it from being visually stunning as well as an excellent means to tell a story everyone wants told.

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Saruhan even took the time to do an opening for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, which takes from the trailer and expands on it with the imagination only a fan can have.

While both are far from perfect, it is good to see fans putting in so much time and effort with no money and just enjoying the craft of making something and supporting the g33kdom through this medium.


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