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Avengers/Attack on Titan Crossover Reveals Preview Pictures

As the Avengers/Attack on Titan crossover draws closer, we’re seeing a few images begin to leak. The “what if?” comic will appear in the Japanese magazine Brutus, which has revealed the cover for that issue.


Though the comic will feature a crossover with Marvel’s Avengers, the comic cover does not feature any superheroes. Instead, we have some of the main characters in Attack on Titan (Jean, Connie, Eren, Mikasa, Sasha, and Krista) dressed in school uniforms while the Colossal Titan strolls by in the background.


However, the magazine also posted a small preview of what else is to come. There we see Spider-Man fighting the Female Titan, using what appears to be a very large metal plank to knock her away, presumably right before she could eat him.

We also get a small glimpse of Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye watching, so we know that they’ll be taking part in the crossover as well.

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Of course, given that a Titan’s only weakness is to cut out a specific part of its neck (and the Female Titan has a habit of covering that spot) how well guns, arrows, and a shield will work is up for debate. Although Spider-Man’s webs aren’t the most effective tool for landing the finishing blow, it’s been previously discussed how the maneuver gear from Attack on Titan is similar to Spidey’s web-slinging across the city.

The story will be in full color, and drawn by Marvel artist Gerardo Sandoval. It will be available on November 15th in Japan, with no word on an official translation yet.

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UPDATE: We now have a new page, in full color and in English. This features the Colossal Titan towering over the Statue of Liberty, and with a familiar “Hooked on a feeling!” playing in the background, the Guardians of the Galaxy appear to join in the fight. cxdwlnigzkg1hwpwcwvb

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