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Comic: DICK TRACY Gets New Graphic Novel

Hermes Press announced new Dick Tracy OGN, original graphic Novel, that is said to take place in the 1940’s and is being created by the consultant from the original comic strip Richard Pietrzyk.


Hermes Press proudly announces the creation of an all-new film noir Dick Tracyadventure! The story will take place during the 1940s and will be in the mold of classic years of the feature. It is being written and drawn by Dick Tracy veteran artist and writer Richard Pietrzyk, who consulted with Chester Gould during the years Pietrzyk worked on the daily comic strip.

     The original Dick Tracy strip premiered a little over a year after the beginning of the Great Depression, on October 4, 1931. It was without any doubt a groundbreaking strip which would be the benchmark for tough, hardboiled, detectives.  Conceived by cartoonist Chester Gould, who had unsuccessfully tried for the previous ten years to launch a nationally syndicated strip, Dick Tracy was Gould’s reaction to the crime and criminals which held Chicago captive during the late 1920s and 1930s. 

This reboot of the series will remain true to the origins of the character, and some of the ideas behind it stem from conversations Pietrzyk had with Gould (see the accompanying interview with Pietrzyk for more details).

With Dick Tracy, Gould created a tough and highly stylized world developing characterizations and concepts which influenced popular culture for years to come. Gould flattened the look of his characters, inked with a bold line, and embraced the surreal possibilities of urban violence by creating characters and storylines that were both memorable as they were bizarre.

     Tracy had an unmistakable profile and fought villains who were models for a legion of comic book and comic strip villains to follow.  Over eighty years after the creation of villains the like of Flattop, Pruneface, Big Boy, and Mumbles, these characters still resonate as influential archetypes. Gould depicted Tracy’s Chicago as a dark, flattened, menacing Gotham City, besieged by evil, a concept still popular in todays comic books and movies.

Coming Late Summer 2019!


Check out their interview with RICHARD PIETRZYK here.







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