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Comic review: Zenescope Grimm Fairy Tales #2: The Wrath of the Snow Queen


When Sela Mathers, the guardian of the nexus (Earth), dies her title and power is passed on to her daughter, Skye. She takes this task head on. But she is still very unsure about a lot of things, including the book of fairy tales she now possesses that seems to put her in the right place at the right time. No harm ever came from reading a book, right? If we’ve learned anything from movies and comics, a harmless book is never a harmless book. One thing we, the readers, are very sure of is Skye is a total bad ass! She is witty and confident even though she is just kind of learning as she goes. She knows this book holds massive amounts of power. The question is…what kind of power? What exactly does it do? No one, not even her mentor Shang, seems to be able to give her an answer. One day, while out to lunch, Skye is enjoying a beautiful sunny day when suddenly starts to snow…a lot. That’s just not right. Who is at the center of it all? A very frosty, angry woman, the Snow Queen. Skye springs into action, with her sword and book in hand. Not really knowing what the book will do, she only knows it helped her last time but she’s unsure how. What will it do this time?

This issue will have you intrigued right from the first page. You, as the reader, want to know more about this mysterious book, and its power. It leaves you questioning and wanting more. One thing it gives you plenty of is action and amazing imagery. This is a relaunch of Zenescope’s flagship title. To be fair, I didn’t read the original but I am thoroughly excited to continue this series, and I believe you will be as well!

This issue arrives on January 25th for $3.99. The book is written by Joe Brusha, drawn by Ediano Silva, colored by Jorge Cortes & Grostieta, and lettered by Taylor Esposito. You can find it on Comixology here.

Grimm Fairy Tales #2: The Wrath of the Snow Queen

Art - 8.5
writing - 7.5


overall I enjoyed this issue

I am still fairly new to the Grimm universe but i have been impressed with what i have been reading this on in particular peaked my interest in this series.

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