Comic review: Zenescope Grimm Tales of Terror Volume 3 #1 The Invisible Man

What would you do if you were completely transparent? No, not like letting the world in on every aspect of your life. We know what that looks like, we see it everyday on social media. I mean 100% invisible! It’s Something we have all thought about before and I’m sure everyone has there own version of what they would do if no one could see you, whether it be heroic or more on the side of villainous. This is the exactly what was put before Tom when he awoke to splash water on his face after a night of drinking and gambling (as one does when presented with $20,000 for being a guinea pig for an experimental cloaking serum) only to realize upon looking in the mirror, he has no face, Or body for that matter. Nothing, all that stood before him were his clothes. So after his initial freak out he needs to decide what to do. Well Tom likes money, and he did owe a lot of it to the pissed off Russian who owned the casino he was in last night. Why not steal some money to pay back said pissed off Russian guy? OK, so running around naked, taking money from people at the ATM. Fun right? What a rush! But just like gambling, you can always do better, you can always get more. There are plenty of things you would do if no one would see you do it.But  how far is too far, and when do you lose your identity and become the invisible man?

This reinvented twist on a classic jumps right into the action and will keep you entertained from cover to cover. It will make you ponder what you could do, what you would do if you were the invisible man, if you could resist the temptation of doing what ever you want. It definitely keeps you involved and wanting more. It’s a fun dark twist on a classic. I personally can’t wait to see what else Zenescope’s Grimm Tales of Terror has in store.




This issues arrives on  on January 25th for $3.99. The book is written by Ralph Tedesco, drawn by Umberto Giampa, colored by Robby Bevard, and lettered by Fabio Amelia. You can find it on Comixology here.

Zenescope Grimm Tales of Terror Volume 3 #1 The Invisible Man

Art - 7.5
Writing - 7.5


Overall a good read

This was the first Zenescope book that I have read, and have to say I look forward to more.

User Rating: 2.5 ( 1 votes)

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