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Comic Review: Zenescope HellChild: The Unholy #3

Okay I have to start of by saying that as I delve deeper into Zenescope’s comics, not only am I becoming more and more of a fan (Yea I went and bought a bunch of their stuff, including the first two in this series), but I am realizing that they never fail to deliver total bad ass female characters. HellChild is no exception. I mean how could she not be a total bad ass? She’s half God and half vampire! Oh, and the God half is that of Hades. She’s dark, strong and sexy. So in case you haven’t read one and two **spoiler Alert** Angelica Blackstone (HellChild) while trying to make her way in New York by killing monsters in an underground fight club is hired by Jezabel (whom we still don’t know much about) to kill Kevin Nestor, a murderer…well more of a crazy guy rounding up homeless folk to offer to a turn of the century reptilian sorcerer. HellChild, with the offer of a generous sum of cash, takes pleasure In finding this guy breaking his neck and throwing him, and his weird reptile egg out of a window. This is where we come in, in this issue. HellChild and Jezabel go to inspect the damage and to their surprise, he’s gone and the egg is open. Hell Child is sure she killed him. She’s kind of an expert at this kind of thing. She fails to notice that dark magic has bound the sorcerer to Kevin and created some undead reptilian monster. HellChild wants her payment and Kevin wants his revenge! HellChild, not really belonging to the demonic side nor the human side must make a choice. is she the hero type?

This issue is packed with incredible art, tons of monsters, and of course, plenty of action scenes. Right away from the front cover, it jumps you right back into the story, and into the action. When you reach the end of this one you will only have one question in your mind: when do we get #4?
This issue arrives on  January 25th for $3.99. The book is written by Pat Shand, drawn by Renzo Rodriguez, colored by Walter Baiamonte, and lettered by Ryan Ferrier. You can find it on Comixology here.

Zenescope HellChild: The Unholy #3

Art - 8.5
Writing - 8.7


A great read!

This is a great series thus far, and this issue is packed with action and great art. I really enjoyed it.

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