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Comics: Dark Horse New Graphic Novel LARP

Dark Horse’s new graphic novel LARP, is the first in a series, is illustrated by Marlin Shoop and written by Dan Jolley and Shawn deLoache and illustrated by Marlin Shoop. The description of LARP is:

Lifelong nerd Pete Ford’s been living two lives since starting at his new school—in one, he’s a member of the cool crowd and the tennis team, and in the other he is Lord Blackmane, scourge of the Southern moors. It’s probably best if the cool kids don’t find out about that, but hiding Pete’s live action roleplaying gets harder when he falls for a teammate. Can Pete have it all, or will his separate lives collide, threatening all his friendships? And what of the shady other club trying to horn in on the LARPers’ game space?



Multiversity recently got to do an interview with the co-writers, here are a few highlights:

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“As a story teller who writes mainly fiction, I write about powers and worlds and adventures that I’ll probably never get to have…With LARP!, all the things these kids do, all the fun, all the action… is something I, you, we can do. I may never be able to swing from a web (though I let spiders bite me just in case) but I can put on a bad ass costume and have epic fun battles with friends.”

“We wanted to have the LARPing clearly stand out from the “real world” despite the fact that both take place in the real world. We wanted to the reader, as well as the characters, to feel transported in those scenes…I mean, isn’t that the point of LARPing…to enter a whole new and amazing world?!”

“We definitely have plans to take our LARPers to a few new places, including a sci-fi/fantasy convention somewhat similar to Dragon*Con”

” I’m gonna shoot someone with SPELL BULLETS out of my enchanted mystically revolver called…Ned. BUT SERIOUSLY, if you are looking for a funny, heartfelt, nerdy romp I promise you that you will not be disappointed by “LARP!” Dan, Marlin and I are very proud of it, and are so grateful to all the fans who pick it up!”


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