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Creators of the Hulkbuster Armor Get Payout


Last October, Bleeding Cool reported that neither Len Kaminski nor Kev Hopgood were getting any payments for their creation of the Hulkbuster Iron Man suit used in the upcoming Avengers: Age Of Ultron, with Hopgood saying,

Apparently the Hulkbuster armour is making its movie debut in the forthcoming Avenger: Age of Ultron epic. Unfortunately me and Len Kaminski didn’t manage to get a New Character agreement on this one…

As compared to the War Machine suit from Iron Man 2.

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Me & Len managed to get a dollop of cash for War Machine, although we had to hassle a bit for it.

Well, it looks as if the hassling happened again, with Kev doing his taxes (due on-line this weekend for Brits)

Just paid my tax bill. Bye bye Hulkbuster money. “sob!…”

Or… Age Of Ultron just paid his tax bill. Depends how you look at it…

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