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Movie: DC’s next Green Lantern Film to be Green Lantern Corps

Amidst all the exclamation and fuss over the new Batman vs Superman trailer, one might have overlooked another DC cinematic bombshell that was dropped on Comic Con this morning: Green Lantern Corps.

While the previous Green Lantern film, starring Ryan Reynolds, did not do very well among critics, comic fans, or most moviegoers, much of the criticism stemmed from the fact that we got to see Oa and the entire Green Lantern Corps for all of five minutes before Hal went back off to Earth. This deprived us of learning more about the GLC, the various members, and any proper motivation for Sinestro to don the yellow ring.

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While that film will, in all likeliness, but stripped from the DC movieverse’s canon, it sounds as though the studio is taking that criticism to heart. With the 2020 GL film being titled Green Lantern Corps, we can expect to see multiple Green Lanterns, both human and otherwise.

Given Green Lantern’s planned appearance in the 2017 Justice League movie, making his next movie feature the interstellar corps and the threats it faces is a great move. We’ll have already seen him protect the Earth as part of one team; now we’ll get to see him protect the galaxy as part of another, larger organization. There’s no de-escalation from a team to a solo adventure, but instead it raises the stakes and introduces a wider universe to viewers.

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Of course, which Green Lanterns will get to see in the Corps is another question. Will we see Sinestro’s fall from grace? Will the emotional spectrum be introduced with the other hued ring slingers? Now that we know the Corps will be involved, even more questions rise, and we look forward to seeing them answered in time.

Keep an eye out for more news, as Green Lantern Corps approaches in 2020.


Source: GREEN LANTERN CORPS Movie Announced at Comic-Con

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