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Smallville Continuity Goes Up, Up, and Away

Smallville Continuity PictureSince  May 13th 2011, Smallville has had fourteen story arcs. It surpassed its television predecessor’s ten season on television. Since then, we have had follow ups on the Justice Society, Flash, the League itself, the  Legion of Superheroes, and Wonder Twins, Superboy, Supergirl, and the Titans as a whole.

On a side note: Where is Aquaman? I mean the Wonder Twins, who had a filler episode in Season , were given the time of day, so where the hell is Aquaman’s appearance.


Anyway, Continuity is more of a part two for Chaos, which set up a beautiful fight and idea scenario for  Continuity. This world is not fighting for Earth or just one thing, but for everything. The individuals in this world come together in such a way to defend, not just Earth, not just it’s past, or even it’s future. But it fights for it’s moment.

They have really made good use of BrainIAC 5’s quote in Season 10

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A hero is made in the moment, not from questioning the past or fearing what’s to come. Just remember that, Kal-El.”

So to was their destiny decided in the moment. They fought the monitors for the salvation of their universe, as a whole including the prevention of the destruction of the multiverse.

BlueIt gives a look at each of our heroes momentarily. Giving some insight into each while still never delving too deeply. The Lanterns are looked at once more, including expanding to the Blue Lanterns. This may not seem not like much, but it does an excellent job of displaying its universe expansion to the audience while still keeping it contained. That, above everything, is very important since Smallville: Continuity would be the end of the series forever, so it was important to give the audience something to enjoy while still ending it properly.

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Smallville - Continuity BatmanBatman and Nightwing are given more of a look which is probably going to make Batman fans to enjoy the read. But most looks are about how he is so cynical and full of taking a stand for humanity. Here it is more of how of a cynic he is and how he barely holds on. And sometimes, it is just a friend like Barbara Gordon that keeps him from using a pistol on his own skull. NightWingYes Batman is something to admire in many ways; however, his loneliness and getting his hands dirty in the muck that is Gotham is something that slowly killing him. Surviving is admirable, but to keep going in and acting like you need no one is not Smallville has done very well in showing that with Batman.
Wonder Woman is given much less time in this. But when you think Amazoness Princess, it is her. Strength incarnate is she. Poetic, different, but brief are her qualities. She is absolutely godly in many ways.

Tess is easily the most amazing part of all of this since her story has been slowly sprinkled in since Hank Henshaw in Guardian. She slowly goes through the reclusive stage that Chloe Sullivan goes through in Season 9. But unlike Chloe, it was not necessarily a man or companionship that pulls Tess through. smallvillecontinuity7s9frdIt is the small things such as seeing her friends’ lives in danger, seeing how Henshaw dealt with his issues, and seeing old friends in their moments of happiness when they did not know if they ever though they would see that light ever again. And, in the end, she shined with the light of heroism in such a way that a heroes origin can be rewritten beautifully.


Chloe and OliverWhat can be said about Chloe and Oliver other than they were absolutely amazing in every way. Justin Hartley and Allison Mack would be proud of see their characters portrayed in such a manner. They deal with their married life and finding their place in a world of gods, where their closest friend is at the height of the pantheon. It was taking the surrealism of the situation and making it more real with only so many scenes.It is difficult to do, but Bryan Miller succeeded in that aspect and much more.

LexLex…what can be said of Alexander J. Luthor? He’s astonishing. He is somewhere between the evil of Lex was on the Show in Season 6 and 7. His manipulative mannerism and cunning know no bounds though as he tries to play the heroes like he did once upon a time. This is both a great strength and his greatest weakness as these heroes have dealt with a Lex like this before in Season 6 and season 7. So disarming him is no difficult task. While it is nice to read, it would have much better for him to recover and be how he was in Smallville: Finale where he stood toe to toe with Clark and they understood one another in such a way that the audience knew this was it. He was the villain. FinaleThis was the guy who would always be there to be the evil to Clark’s good, to be the godly being to Clark’s humanity. He was the opposite, the negative. And here, he merely fell short, only to leave people both disappointed and hopeful for him.

And then there is Clark. While Lois is not something to be overlooked, I think Miller did such an amazing job that there is nothing negative to say about her She was Lois. She stunned, she was effective. And she, above everything else, the anchor Clark needed. Clark was amazing. He fought, he failed. What is poignant here is something that should be honed in on. In Continuity parts 3 and 4, there are moments, moreover two moments, that truly define this character. All too often, people look to the Kill Bill Speech to define the character than is Superman. you know. The one where he says Superman’s true identity is Superman.

If you do not recall it, please click here.

But in Smallville: Continuity it is properly shown who he is. Clark is not Superman. He is Clark Kent, son of Jonathan and Martha Kent. And even in the face of his destruction, he shows who he truly is. Someone that is not simy a god among men. No here, he is a man among gods, which only makes him more worthy than the rest to be the king of the gods. And how does he do this? By prophetically declaring who he is.


Continuity is a strong finish to a very good read. Smallville Season 11 has done many things. Some good, some bad. In some areas it was moderate. But the thing is has going for it, above everything, is it defends some older consistencies, such as, Lois marrying Clark. It is not after dazzle and flash. It is building a real story using a modern set of gods and men defending mankind. This story builds and comes to head by telling something that needs to be shown. It shows strength and weakness, gain and loss, and the truest meaning of being a hero. And that is not to be blessed with deity levels of powers, but rather to simply stand up for what one believes in. And that, above everything, is what Smallville is about. It captured the essence of the show and its characters and story.

Smallville Continuity The End

In the end, this was it. This was not Smallville. It was Superman at its finest. He stood up for truth, justice, and the American Way just as Christopher Reeves did so long ago. And I was glad to get to the end to see the sight I have waited 14 years to finally see. And it was worth the wait.


Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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