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The Supergirl Trailer of Tomorrow

CBS is going to be kicking off Supergirl next fall. But their trailer left most people wanting it sooner than later. But was it the best they could have done? SoloJones did not think so. So instead of leaving the imagination wander, he presented us fans with his ideal Supergirl Trailer complete with both John Williams and Hans Zimmer theme music.

Take a look:

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Now compare it to yesterday’s 6:37 long preview. Now it is much sleeker and has the old reminiscent music of Williams, coupled with Zimmer’s more modern, but less theatrical feel.

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According to HitFlixSupergirl will be sharing a time slot with Gotham, which may be risky so early on in its career, but with Greg Berlanti helming the project, there should be little doubt seeing as he has given the DCTV universe both Flash and Arrow, both major successes on the CW Network.

It looks as though, CBS can look forward to its first heroine for DC Comics. And it won’t be fluff either. This is a real powerhouse in terms of both story and power. While she may share some of her cousin’s abilities, she has her own villains and mythos to tell. Adding the DEO into the mix, gives this story a lot to work with.


It’s about time to see a female lead take the stage in so long. Here is hoping Supergirl does, in fact, go up, up, and away!

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