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What the BvS Trailer Could Mean for the DCCU

Well one, damn. We’ve seen it In the last twenty four hours, both the Star Wars Trailer and the leaked Batman v Superman leaked trailer has taken the g33k-dom, no the world, by storm.

And frankly it’s easy to see why. Following suit from Man of Steel, the movie goes from authentically real-world stand point if a god were to be among us, but not just a god, but an alien.

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Unlike the MCU, this trailer illustrates how our world is not so accepting of different individuals. This is how the world would react to an alien god, not just shrug as they do with Thor.

Anyway, this trailer does more for showcasing off BvS than all of the television clips for AoU does for Marvel.  It’s all in the displaying landscape and voicing the opinion of people.

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“Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.”file_120202_1_henrycavillsupermannewlarge

That line, much like a lot of the lines from MoS was beautifully used here, but its source was not the brilliant mind of Zac Snyder or Christopher Nolan. It’s founding was in the comics. Superman: Earth One had the idea of power and its corruption, even to the degree of its absoluteness.


Grounding in these characters, from the words of the audience to the look of Batman, to the comics brings a more genuine appeal. After all, these are comic book movies, so drawing as much as possible from the comic books is the way to go.

ben-affleck-bat-man-supermanNow, Batman. From the look to the aura he displays to his sound. If there was any doubt about Ben Affleck being Batman because of the dismal performance and lack of success from the movie Daredevil, this should put those fears to rest. He is Batman for this world. Much like how Amy Adams is the choice for Lois Lane, so is Affleck for this cinematic universe. When he says those soon to be famous words “Do you bleed? You will,” he easily establishes the one and seriousness of his character in a way Christian Bale’s Batman never could.Do you

That is not to say one is better than the other, obviously, since Dawn of Justice has not even been released. But it is clear that DC intends to keep its promise about a more seasoned Batman. From what is shown, he meets all of the requirements. Within thirty seconds of a movie trailer, it set a tone.

Clearly, this world is taking every bit of itself seriously. It’s no joke policy might actually come in handy. And these things are perfect! They are absolute perfection because this is not about men surpassing themselves or standing just above people. These are gods flying among and above men, which is why Alfred’s words are so important

The tone and idea is set and it displays excellent respect for the comics while setting some its own for a movie. From having people kneeling to Superman, to comic words, to the direct adaptation of the Dark Knight Returns suit, to the words of Batman.

All of this shows that DC Comics and Warner Bros. know exactly they are what they are doing. This was a perfect display of what they needed. It shows that they seem to have Henry Cavill’s Superman, Ben Affleck’s Batman, even Jeremy Irons Alfred are on the right track and the story is a good continuation of the story that they started.

This leaves this writer wanting more. But what about you? Were you dazzled by the trailer? Is it what you were looking for? Or were you completely disappointed?


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