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DC Drops Bombs This Week, but Does It Matter?

Warner Bros have been releasing quite a bit of news this week, from a Wonder Woman trailer to Batman’s script and that Matthew Vaughn will be directing and aiming to make Superman ‘fun again’.

Here is the thing, is it too late for that? DC and Warner Bros have had a hit and miss with some things in recent years. Though, Man of Steel was acclaimed by us here at G33k-HQ (and even I personally believed they might have finally understood the character), Batman v Superman is a movie that is still a mess that could not coherently stick to one story from Death of Superman, to a Batman Origin, to a Batman vs Superman story when there are clear times when DC has done Batman vs Superman well before with things like Smallville, in Justice League, and of course, The Dark Knight Returns.

While Wonder Woman looks fun on the trailer, both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were disappointments to say the least despite having some of the most amazing trailers of 2016.

But more importantly, a Superman sequel is a difficult thing to say you want to make fun after introducing him to a dark world and keeping him on that path in a sequel, then wanting to make him fun. Such large tone shifts can be felt by an audience, and it has to be wondered: Does DC and WB know what they are doing?

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Repeatedly, they make simple mistakes, and even show too much too soon to try to ease fans as they try and play catch up with Marvel when they should be more focused on telling a good coherent story and letting audiences fall in love with the characters they already know. Superman’s shield is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. He is an iconic, international phenom, who has been mishandled repeatedly. And yet, they want us to trust them with properties that are just as important like Wonder Woman, Batman, and the Justice League.

DC might be in the wrong business of making films since their animation teams for Young Justice and their Justice League animated films seem to have a firmer hold on the characters than Zac Snyder ever did.

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In the end, it won’t matter if Wonder Woman’s trailer looks cool, or if Batman’s movie script goes through another rewrite, or even if Superman’s director wants to make him fun if it is not handled, and DC certainly needs to clean house if they are going to get there. Otherwise, a new coat of paint is not going to help anyone.

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