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DC Expands Batman Line With “Arkham Manor” and “Gotham Academy”

While it is unexpected that DC would continue to expand Batman even more, I wasn’t expecting these two.

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Arkham Manor #1 Cover

Announced on Entertainment Weekly, October will see two new ongoing series at DC taking place in and around Gotham City. The first one, Arkham Manor, written by Gerry Duggan (whose work on Deadpool and Nova has been fantastic) and art by Shawn Crystal (Fantomex MAX) will depict the tale of the new madhouse to keep Gotham’s villains after something happens to the Asylum. The building? None other than stately Wayne Manor.



Gotham Academy #1 Cover

And on the other side of the spectrum, we have Gotham Academy, co-written by Eisner-nominated Becky Cloonan (DEMO) and Brenden Fletcher (Wednesday Comics) and art by Karl Kerschl (Teen Titans: Year One). This is more teen drama and slice-of-life in the shadow of Gotham City that promises new characters and old (Like, for me at least, kinda hoping Tim/Steph/Harper/Cullen appear in this) taking place at a bizarre prep school in Gotham.

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Not going to lie, first reaction was “And why are we getting our Shazam and Young Justice series already?” But once it passed, I though, maybe a book like Gotham Academy is just what the doctor ordered. There is a severe lack of fun books in the Bat-Line (not to say there aren’t good ones, but very few put a smile on my face) and considering the pedigree of the creative team and the cover, I’m really looking forward to it. Arkham Manor‘s premise I’m less sold on, but I have massive faith in Mr. Duggan.


Gotham Academy will be released on October 1 and Arkham Manor will be released on October 22.

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