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Death Battle Superman vs Goku 2

As I have talked about before in the past, Death Battle is one of the best versus competition out there for fictional characters, if not one of the most controversial.

After all, they do not listen to fans like Machinima’s Bat in the Sun. They strictly  do this one by the book. By that, I mean, they look at the source material for two (sometimes more) fictional characters. After which, they pit them against one another in a gladiator like situation where they must try to kill the other, removing any problems with death, so characters like Superman can be involved.

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The most view being Superman vs Goku at 32:39 with over 31 million views on YouTube. But fans went nuts. And so they requested it be updated to give both heroes their most updated forms.

But did it change the results from last time? Find out:

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The problems with this fight is something some fans cannot understand is something Wiz, or Ben Singer, points out: “Superman heard the signal through the vacuum of space, twenty five light years away. That is physically impossible…except for Superman.”

Or my personal favorite from Boomstick: “Hey Wiz? What is half of infinity? In-F*cking-finity!” Superman, my personal favorite comic book hero, has no limit for anyone to overcome, so Goku or almost any anime or manga character does not work against him.


The problem is fans will always complain. While I enjoy what Ben Singer and Chad James were trying to do, it is clear it makes no difference. There will always be a vocal minority of fans that do not want to see their hero lose even when it makes sense.

They can present all the facts they want, but it will mean nothing to those who practically worship Goku. There will always be on YouTuber that just won’t surrender or one comment that will rally 100 thousand comments. Don’t believe me? Go to the first Death Battle to see.

So while nothing changed AT ALL, this was a spectacle to behold. It was amazing to say the least. It delved deeper into these heroes than the common fan might. And for once, I didn’t feel like the biggest nerd in the room. Good job, ScrewAttack. Keep it up, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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