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Discussing “Parallel Man” with FutureDude’s Jeffrey Morris

FutureDude CEO Jeffrey Morris

We’ve recently covered the comic of Parallel Man, and brought news of the YouTube micro-series that ties into it. Now, we can bring you more information on the tale of alternate worlds and a dimension-hopping resistance, following an interview with FutureDude Founder and CEO, Jeffrey Morris. We discussed the story of Parallel Man, the idea for it to extend across comics, games, and videos, and any future plans for the franchise.

G33k-HQ: Tell us a little about Parallel Man.
Jeffrey: The general idea is the story about an alternate America, and in one of the multiverse versions of America, instead of the experiments that developed the atom bomb, they developed portals into alternate universes; first out of desperation to get out of war, then out of conquest, they became very powerful, and began annexing other parallel versions of Earth. In our story, our Earth is the next target of the invasion, and there’s a rebellion, led by Carl Sagan (of an alternate universe), and a character who’s kind of an agent for the bad guys who goes rogue and tries to save our world. To do that, he ends up partnering with his doppelgänger from our universe, who’s very different…. he’s basically a gamer/slacker. The two of them partner together and it’s kind of an adventure as they work together to prevent the annexation of our universe.
Alternate Carl Sagan. Image from the FutureDude Tumblr page.
G33k-HQ: What led to the idea of the story spanning across media?
Jeffrey: We really felt it was a property that lent itself well to multiple media; we have mobile games that will be coming out in the coming days, which are really fun. We have the comic book, which is about telling the big epic story we really wanted to tell. We felt it was a property that measured up well to science fiction fans, and thought we’d test it across multiple media simultaneously.
G33k-HQ: Is it essential to follow all the tie-ins, or is there one core story we can follow?
Jeffrey: I would suggest that the comic, which is collected into a trade paperback version that has the full comic book in it, would be the best way to get into the series. The animation allows you to really see it brought to life; we animated about 14 minutes of it, and we split it into four micro-episodes which are now available on YouTube.
G33k-HQ: What can we look forward to in the mobile game?
Jeffrey: The mobile game uses the same actors; Lance does the voice of Atlas, who is the computer assistant to our main character, Nick, and the villain who’s chasing Nick is voiced by Ming-Na Wen. So what’s cool is we have Ming and Lance doing the voices in the mobile game as well as the micro-episodes. And also the story takes place in Chicagoland, and the mobile game does, so you really get to see different versions of Chicago, just in different universes.
G33k-HQ: Are there any plans for additional tie-ins, aside from the comic, micro-episodes, and game?
Jeffrey: Right now the trade paperback and mobile games are essential, but we’re pitching to several outlets. We’re talking to Cartoon Network and Netflix, so we have some interest in turning it into a TV series.
G33k-HQ: Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?
Jeffrey: We’re trying to tell a story that’s much more old school; it has a modern vibe and look to it, but the story is much more classic. We think people are starting to get tired of the way Hollywood is doing things, and we’re trying to make something that’s pretty original and fun, and gives people something to ponder.
For more information on Parallel Man and other works from FutureDude, you can check out their website, or follow their Twitter: @FutureDudeEnt.
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