Doug Jones is Coming to The Flash

123175-Doug_Jones_lgGeeze, CW’s The Flash has the best villains going for it from any live-action comic movie/show right now. You’ve got the Rogues, Grodd, the absolutely heart shattering reveal with the Reverse-Flash last week that I’m still not over, and now this!


Doug Jones, who famously brought the character of Abe Sapian alive in Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy live-action adaptations, is coming to The Flash, as confirmed on his Twitter:



This also confirms that The Flash and CW’s other DC television property, Arrow are going to be crossing over again. Doug Jones will appear as the villain Deathbolt, an electric-based Justice Society of America villain.


“Broken Arrow” debuts April 15 with “Rogue Air” arriving the week after on April 21.

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