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Aisha Tyler leading a BvS panel. And with questions answered, it could not be any better. With questions from woman empowerment to feeling the weight of the act on their shoulders, this is definitely worth the watch.

And, of course, there was the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. The highlight of the trailer for me is not the battle or their suits, but we will get to that. It was at 1:32 when Martha Kent, reprised by Diane Lane said, ” Be their hero Clark. Be their angel. Be their monument. Be anything they need you to be. Or be none of it. You don’t owe this world a thing. You never did.” All too often the side characters are overlooked, but just like Alfred at 2:41 who is there to not only inform Batman but to ground him.


Okay, I know you’ve seen it and you’re hyped. But I think we need to talk about some things. And I do not mean their costumes or their looks, which for the record, it defines them. They are gods. Even Bruce Wayne ascended in his being.

Instead, I want to note some things that were helped out by the panel. This world, this cinematic universe is excellent in grounding itself. Much like Iron Man 2, it has a formal hearing. But to see someone take responsibility, to own up to their mistakes is something the MCU has not done. Even in the Avengers, the team ran off. In Age of Ultron, they specifically hid after the Hulk incident.

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Here, besides the hair and jawline, you see Henry maturing into Superman. Sure, he is not the Superman Chris Reeves was. But it’s progression which is what a narrative needs for heroes. If you cannot see how a man can grow learn, fall, and stumble, how can you truly appreciate it when he flies? This is how you get people to relate to Superman. After all, it’s like Tumblr asked and said.

Hades“Because it’s easier to identify with a flawed character [than] some kind of ultra human the hero normally is portrayed as.”

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Seeing Superman being a flawed person, figuring it all out, knowing he can be this inspirational symbol but making mistakes is crucial. He has to be separated from what is out there already because he has to be flawed like Tony Stark is to show his human side, as symbolic as Captain America to illustrate his heroism, and he needs to be as godly as Thor to show how much he can do.

Superman is theoretically the most difficult hero to make because he can seem so ‘alien’ because of his perfect nature in the Donner films, the animated series, and the comics.


LexMoving onto Jesse Eisenberg and Ben Affleck, it needs to be said to all the naysayers, both seem phenomenal. I am not fully convinced on Einsenberg’s look, but man he can play crazy like Spacey did for Superman Returns. Now there were many terrible things about that movie, but Spacey’s Luthor, outside of the land strategy, tried to salvage it with a stellar interpretation of the villainous Luthor.

Ben as BruceAnd Affleck looked the part of both Bruce and Batman. A hard combo to pull off since as many have demonstrated in the past, Bruce and Batman are not the same person. But he’s angry, he’s human, he’s broken…he’s PERFECT! He is every bit the Dark Knight, from what I have seen, as Clooney and Kilmer at the very least. And at the most, he could very well top Michael Keaton’s Batman. But like I said when he was cast, only when I see the movie will I know.

BatmanI wish more of Amy Adams’ and Laurence Fishburne’s Lois Lane and Perry White were in it. However, there are time constraints. However, guys…This is it. This is real. These are our heroes. The ones we group up with. The ones who were on our Toonami every week. These are the heroes we emulated.

We didn’t need kick-ass movies to make us recognize them or care like with Iron Man and Captain America respectively. We knew. We just knew. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman. They are in our very bones as a new pantheon above all others in the comic book universe. We don’t need an archer’s wife to tell us they are gods, like in Age of Ultron; we already know that.

With the introduction of Kryptonite, I only hope Batman does not use it in some boring fashion (if he uses it at all).

Perfection is personified in this trailer, and in every way, I yearn to see it more than I plan to see Civil War, Ant-Man, and whoever or whatever else Marvel has planned for us.

But there was a moment. One solitary moment that told us this was the movie for next year. There was this tiny moment that told us this could be the highest grossing comic book movie to date. There was a moment that said this will define our heroes for this next twenty years. And it was THIS:

Money Shot

It is them guys. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
Coming out March 25, 2016

Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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