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FILM: Warner Bros. Chief – “DC Movies are Edgier Than Marvel Movies”

Superhero films have taken a lot of heat from critics as of late. Not because they’re terrible movies, but rather because they’re more popular and rising in numbers, and many worry that a “superhero fatigue” is coming soon. Next Year Warner Bros. Studio is set to release the highly-anticipated Batman vs. Superman, which is set to be the cornerstone for their newly created DC Cinematic Universe. The thought of such a fatigue is the last thing on the minds of the producers at Warner Bros.

“The key thing is that the movies and the television shows and the games, everything looks very different… you have to be able to take advantage of the diversity of these characters.” Said Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara.

We already know from Marvel that a cinematic universe, not only works, but can dominate the box office. So, is it possible that DC may experience the same success, while still finding unexplored territory to dive into? Tsujihara believes it can happen. “The Worlds of DC are very different [than Marvel]… they’re steeped in realism, and they’re a little bit edgier than Marvel’s movies.”

Although it appears that Marvel has dominated the box office, DC hasn’t fallen far behind, nor have the struggled by any means. If you take a look at this List of Marvel vs DC at the Box Office, you will see the numbers for every mainstream character movie from both sides of the fight. Although Marvel has grossed more money overall, DC has taken more on average per movie.

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I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. It doesn’t hurt that DC has two of the biggest and most popular comic superheroes to market and work with. “The big franchises are becoming more and more valuable,” stated Tsujihara. “You don’t have to explain to the consumer what a ‘Batman v Superman’ is.”

Truer words have never been spoken. What do you think? Are you growing weary of superhero movies? Or, do you find yourself anxiously awaiting all of the upcoming releases? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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