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Power rangers is a franchise rich with 20 plus years worth of history.  And Saban, working with Lionsgate, decided it was tone for a more modern retelling of his eternally iconic Mighty Morphing power rangers.
And since then,  the internet has been in a frenzy.  Cinemablend has been covering it extensively.  Doug walker,  more famously known as the nostalgia critic,  voiced how Bryan Cranston was miscast or the public were somehow misusing him.

And when it comes to power rangers,  there are certain expectations. The movie needs to be able to stand on its own but still respect the rich history it has.
In order to determine whether or not this movie was worth a watch  means it must be judged on  two fronts.  
One,  did it hold up and bring out the best of Mighty Morphin’? And second,  was it a good movie with sharing the screen between every character, telling its own story,  and a fulfilling ending?

That first question is tricky since most people remember Power Rangers with fondness. That is why Nostalgia Critic, CinemaSins, and Honest Trailers all reviewed the 1995 movie. People recall Power Rangers in the best light when it was sometimes campy, repetitive, and cheesy.
But it also had stories about five strangers coming together, becoming a team, and moreover, friends. It had stories of corruptions, friendship, good in the eternal battle against evil, and obviously change.

It can easily be said that Power Rangers succeeded in reminded fans of why they liked it as children. Some corny jokes notwithstanding, it had the job of showing younger kids that Power Rangers can be amazing, mature, and powerful, and for older fans, it had to make us all kids again and believe in a team of teenagers with attitude. When grown men sing the Go Go Power Rangers theme song at the top of their lungs, this movie clearly helped people suspend their disbelief in the fiction they were telling and put that belief into five young people with distinct – if not clashing – personalities to save the world.

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It succeeded without a doubt.

And secondly, did this movie succeed as a movie? Well, it certainly told a story of its own that does somewhat remove it from the original Power Rangers. But it understands it is a retelling for a different audience, so it never strays far.

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Somehow, it finds a way to split a movie between multiple main characters, giving them arcs, including one for the mighty Zordon, and a fulfilling, if not slightly wanting, climax. And this is a more realistic view of teenagers. Where the teenagers in the previous generation were paragons of goodness, these are literally teenagers who have attitude. They showed us instead of telling us. That is what a movie should do. With this, there comes its own arc that leads to even Zordon growing.

And it had the benefit of showing us an origin in a way that made an audience relate, scream, gasp, cheer, and applaud when well…It was Morphin’ Time. As such, it was when they stood together, as one, in their Power Suits, that some fans in my viewing could not help but stand and scream for a theme song that made us all kids once more.


However, this is a Power Rangers movie. It will not be for everyone. As a fan of the original team, I definitely will say it is amazing to watch. It is solid as its own film.

And as a Power Rangers movie. Well, it is Morphinominal.

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