Harley Quinn Convergence #1 Review

download (3) Harley Quinn Convergence came out this week. Harley Quinn fans rejoice as we are brought back to Harley’s roots and the new 52 Harley seems to disappear for at least a little bit. Harley Quinn fans for a while have been screaming to see the classic Harley Quinn back into the comics. Harley came into the Batman Universe through the 1990’s Batman the Animated Series and into the comic world in Batman Adventures #12. (The comic is incredibly expensive on Ebay now.. if you want a copy it is going to cost you a lot of money).

DC came out with multiple storylines for Convergence. Harley Quinn Convergence is one of the storylines. There is two different covers for the Harley Quinn lines. The one that shows off the Gotham City Sirens and then Chip Kidd’s cover. Chip Kidd also designed the rest of the variant covers for the series. Each of the storylines will be a two part series.

For me the new 52 Harley wasn’t my Harley. I just can’t get into the idea of the new style of Harley. I like the roller derby Harley. She is not my Harley at all. She wasn’t the character I had grown to love. She felt like someone else to me.

Convergence is a way for DC to give back to Harley fan just a little bit. The two part mini series starts out with ourimages leading lady robbing a museum with Bud and Lou and a rag tag group of guys. They bring back to life classic Harley Quinn. The character I grew up with is there, her speech, attitude and everything about her is beaming like our old Queen of Crime. It brings me back to my childhood and my love for Harley when she first showed up. It makes me wish we were getting a long running series rather then just a short series, but I am glad for anything we are getting. This is the story I have needed.

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Then there is the dome. The dome changes everything about Gotham City. Harley is changed, she is no longer crazy, no longer following her thoughts on the Joker. She is a lot calmer and is more her own person, but in the way that she should be. On medication Harley plays the character that she would be if they had followed her original storyline. If you are just joining the series here, we don’t know what the dome is. We don’t know why it is here. All we know is that all of Gotham is changed because of it.

We get a chance to also see Poison Ivy and Catwoman play their favorite parts. I love the fact that the characters are very much the characters they were in the 1990’s rather then the versions in the new 52. This takes all us comic book readers who fell in love with Batman in the 1990’s back to their childhoods. Nostalgia is very big right now. We all want to live in a time that makes us happier.

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This comic was definitely designed for the fans of the classic Harley Quinn. You can see all the ways they try to connect her fans back to her roots. The comic even has this awesome little timeline for the reader about Harley’s origins. This really shows us that DC understands the Harley Quinn character and her relationship with the Joker. It begs the question Why? the new 52 storyline… Why DC?

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