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How Flash Could Use Tom Welling Smallville Superman


Well it has been rumored just about everywhere that Smallville‘s Tom Welling will be appearing in The Flash/Arrow-verse. From Inquistr, to MoviePilot, to DCComicsMovie, plenty of venues are running with the rumor that Tom Welling would be rejoining as Superman, though DCCM did later run a retraction.

Here is the thing. It is simple enough of a concept to know that Tom cannot be the Superman from Smallville. I mean, it literally is its own world. They had their own Flash and Green Arrow, even giving them distinctly different personalities; nonetheless, both have held true to the core of these characters.


Now, since there is no official Superman in the CW’s DC-verse, it makes sense that they pick someone that the world can easily recognize. Tom most certainly fills that requisite. But I doubt the show runners would want to have someone who is already Superman in another world to be him in this one.

Instead, since the awakening of a multiverse and the introduction of Jay Garrick from another world, it makes much more plausible sense that Tom’s Superman comes from another world. And what makes it better is that it could be the one from Smallville, which would make the ten season long story more worth it, so, from a storyline as well as a marketing standpoint, it makes sense.

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But how could he show himself? Well take a look at this.


superman-lois-clark-1-143575Beard TomLook at Superman: Lois and Clark and the image of Superman. Now compare it to Tom during his appearance at Draft Day. Tom could easily play a version of Superman that accidentally becomes trapped in Flash’s and Green Arrow’s world.

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His years of expertise as well as exemplary power allow him to be a guiding force in their world until he returns to his world. Also, both Flash and Arrow have been very comic book. It has been to the best end. The stories have been good.

And DC’s culmination of a story would most likely be Crisis on Infinite Earths. Now using Tom as that Superman helps push an older story. While making him be the seasoned Superman with Lois, who could be played by Erika Durance, helps bring older fans from a different genre of comic fan into the fray.


Either way, bringing back Tom would be the smartest thing for that franchise. Hopefully, this rumor bears fruit one day. Until then, fans will have to watch and wait.

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