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Jason Statham Being Eyed For Daredevil Super Villain

The rumor mill has been full of rumors lately and this latest one I really really hope is true. He is my favorite action star and I would love to see him don the costume of Bullseye on the Netflix Daredevil series. I think he would make a fantastic Bullseye and would definitely be a great super villain.

images (2)The ridiculously promising rumor comes to us from the superhero-friendly Latino Review, which says that one “trusted source at Marvel’s new TV production offices” passed on this exciting tidbit. If we can believe this to be true I know it would make a lot of people happy. He is known for action and one thing Netflix is getting right with these Daredevil episodes is the action.

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Bullseye is one of the villains that is expected to enter Season 2, and it’s been rumored that Mr. Fear and Mysterio are going to be showing up as well. We have also seen what might possibly be leaks of Elektra auditions. This next season is definitely gearing up to be a spectacular one.  The interesting thing is back in 2008 when Statham was at San Diego Comic-Con promoting Death Race he was asked about what superhero he’d like to play if given the chance and was quoted as saying,

Absolutely, just give me the chance, I would love to be Daredevil.”  A follow up question by Geoff Boucher of the Times asking Statham if might not make a better Bullseye than Matt Murdock was met with Jason impassionedly  stating, “Forget Bullseye, I want to be Daredevil!” Then also present Frank Miller nodded. “I think he should be Daredevil too.”

So hopefully Mr. Statham has come around and embraced the idea of his casting as Bullseye is just destiny.  Daredevil Season 2 is set to begin filming in the next couple of months for a debut in the first half of 2016, so expect more casting news to be announced in the very near future.

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