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Ken’s Comic Ramblings #10: Won’t Someone Think of the Children?!

Before I get deeply into the topic of this week, I just want to give a tip of the hat to the Supreme Court of the United States for being insanely awesome this week in upholding the Affordable Care Act and for declaring that bans on gay marriage are unconstitutional. In times when I look on my country with worry and a tinge of shame, it is great when we start to live up to that all “land of the free” and “all are created equal”-schtick.


So, the three month prior machine of the comic industry continues to churn and we are starting to get our glimpses into the Post-Secret Wars world with the latest of ad campaigns, “All-New All-Different Marvel”. We’re going to talk about one specific book that has been announced and an aggravating reaction that I am constantly seeing to it. That book: All-New All-Different Avengers.


While it was a main focus of Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day selection, ANAD Avengers will be a team in the Post-Secret Wars world with the book written by legend Mark Waid (Daredevil) with rotating artists Mahamud Asrar (All-New X-Men) and Adam Kubert (Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows). Normally this would be a time to celebrate, until most people got a look at the cast:


-Captain America (Sam Wilson)

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-Iron Man (Tony Stark)

-Thor (Jane Foster)

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-Vision (Erm…Vision)

-Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)


-Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

-Nova (Sam Alexander)


The big point of contention that people seem to have is that there are teenagers on this team of Avengers. Now, I am all for people having their own opinions (unless you’re of the opinion that gay marriage bans are cool, then you can piss off), what I am not for is opinions unchallenged.


The argument is based around the fact that the Avengers are letting teenagers onto the team and that the senior members are being very irresponsible. This kind of rings hollow when you consider the multiple teams in the Marvel universe with teenagers/young adults.


Furthermore, let’s look at the three: Miles has been a hero for the longest of the three, considering the year time skip during his book. Nova earned ancillary Avengers membership for his contributions during AXIS. As for Kamala, sure she’s the least experienced teen in this group, but she is quickly growing, plus has a knowledge of superheroes thanks to her life-long admiration.


And like I said, she’s the least experienced teen in this group. If you think about it, Jane Foster is technically the rookie of this team, but she has the power of Mjolnir backing her up. No one seems to think the vets Tony, Sam and Vision are irresponsible for that.


But let’s examine the real face of this argument. The same people making this argument also say it’d just be easier to have Peter Parker, Rich Rider and Carol Danvers in the roles. And thus are the true colors revealed. They don’t seem to care about the well-being of an inexperienced, but eager, hero. They just want the same old.


Let me break this down into three discussions:


Miles: Peter Parker is still going to be around! He’s going to be a mentor in Miles’ book and we still don’t know the full deal with Peter at time if writing. I would not be shocked if Marvel will attempt to have an Amazing Spider-Man with Slott still writing.


Kamala: Let’s face it, there is a roughly 3% chance that Carol will go back to being Ms. Marvel and that’s being generous. Apart from her upcoming movie, her being Ms. Marvel again would have so much baggage with it. This is the lost cause one, everyone. Only reason I don’t say she’ll never be in the mantle ever again is because, as well discuss, this is the industry that brought Barry Allen and Barbara Gordon back to their original hero identities.


Sam: Okay, I’ll admit, Richard Rider is perhaps the one most likely of these three to come back. And ironically enough, I think he’s the one out of these three that shouldn’t come back. Look, I love Rich Rider. A great degree of that love comes from the fact that he had a complete character arc from Annihilation to The Thanos Imperative and it ended exactly as it needed to. And, in my opinion, with the exception of Silver Surfer and Sam Alexander’s series, current Marvel Cosmic seems more interested in cameos and mythology gags than…you know… being cosmic or sci-fi.


And, let’s face it, ANAD Avengers is a book that is trying to emphasize diversity. You wanting their white predecessors to come back make you look kinda sketchy.


You’re probably asking: “Why are you so glad to see new characters take up mantles but still don’t like Barry and Barbara?” It’s really simple: Barry and Barbara stepped on everything that came after them by coming back. Sam, Kamala and Miles add to their mythos and honor their predecessors. Barry and Barbara subtract from their mythos.


Now, will this rush of legacy heroes at Marvel last? Probably not, because the Big 2 have shown me that they don’t have enough conviction to actually let old, tired favorites go. So, I will look forward to calling Marvel out five years from now when they bring the old guard back and throw the babies out with the bathwater like I do with DC now. Until then, I’m going to try and enjoy a book like ANAD Avengers that is at least trying to pretend it wants to move things forward.



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