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Ken’s Comic Ramblings #5: A Limerick to Blue Beetle

This new era of fun inclusive books is astonishing. Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Batgirl, Gotham Academy, and so many more have been great. I hope to see more of these in the coming years. But I do have a problem when they say that this was a recent phenomenon. These books that emphasized fun and bright characters are not brand new. There were books in the dark periods that emphasized not only fun, but inclusiveness as well.


I wanted to dedicate this week to a book that was far ahead of its time, and serves as a progenitor to this era: the Keith Giffen/John Rogers/Cully Hamner/Rafael Albuquerque Blue Beetle series.



Prior to the 2011’s September,

There was this book you must remember,

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About a young man by the name of Jaime,

With some alien tech on his back, oh blimey,

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To which the New 52 looked at and thought: “dismember”.


It was a book that looked at dark dreck,


and sought to evade such a wreck,

Emphasizing fun, adventure and superhero work,

and a wonderful supporting cast, it did not shirk,

It made me easily give up my check.


Jaime Reyes was a good young man,

and with friends, Brenda and Paco had a plan,

to protect El Paso streets,

while also accomplishing great feats,

And created quite the charming clan.


They met quite a many hero,

Of allies, they had way more than zero,

The Titans, Guy Gardner and Peacemaker,

To protect people, they were many a risk taker,

And bash the bad guys right on their culo.


But its history, it never disrespected,

Loving nods to Dan and Ted were most unexpected,

But the book never felt continuity bloated,

Instead, showed a love most devoted,

And a love for the property, in me, it erected.


At the end of the day came “Endgame”,

Where the world would be conquered in the Reach’s name,

But just when the road to their victory was thin as a needle,

“My Name = Khaji Da. Jaime Reyes = Blue Beetle,”

And our heroes, the world they did reclaim.


Jaime and Khaji’s adventures weren’t done,

They were in Brave and the Bold a ton,

They were even in Young Justice,

But DC the comics didn’t seem to give a tuppence,

The character they seemed to have shun.


Then the word came from the beancounting suit,

DC Comics shouted “reboot!”

Jaime was back,

But as a matter of fact,

All the charm became quite moot.


The rebooted Beetle, as far as I can tell,

My rage and frustration it didn’t quell,

The book full of teenage angst most generic,

And plot points very hectic,

“He hit Brenda! What the Hell?!”


But at the end of the day, I must say,

In my heart, Jaime and his friends won the day,

For the greats are never quite forgotten,

And I highly recommend it get boughten,

And we keep the awful, poorly created comics at bay.


Jaime’s original series was a great forefather to the current boom happening in comics. Since his last appearances in Threshold, he has not been seen. He isn’t a character that should be forgotten. DC, you really need to take another look at this character and, more specifically, understand why the original series was so beloved.

Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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