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Legendary Comic Book Artist Steve Ditko Passes at 90

Among the pantheon of legendary comic book creators the name Steve Ditko ranks right up there with others such as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Tonight we light a candle for Ditko has journeyed onward to eternity at the age of 90.

The New York Police Department confirmed the artist’s death as he was found dead in his apartment on June 29th and is believed to have passed about two days earlier. Known as a co-creator of iconic characters such as Spider-Man and Doctor Strange with Lee, he was the one who came up with how the wallcrawler would look like in ‘Amazing Fantasy’ issue 15. The red and blue costume with the spider motif and the web-shooters, that was pure Ditko. Then in 1963 he goes on to create the Sorcerer Supreme known as Doctor Strange in ‘Strange Tales’ issue 110.


Throughout the years he went on from Marvel to working for other publishers such as DC, Charlton, and more. Among his last creations was the ever cheerful Squirrel Girl in 1992 which soon became a favorite among Marvel fans. Ditko would continue to freelance for both DC and Marvel until 1998 when he retired from mainstream comics. Thank you Mr. Ditko for all you have done for us.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

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