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LootCrate at SVCC Big Announcements and New Subscription Boxes

photo 2LootCrate was at SVCC this past weekend to talk about some new things they have coming down the pipeline. The biggest announcement was their new box LootCrate DX. The LootCrate DX box is a new subscription service for the higher grade collector. This box will run you a little bit more money but the contents of the box will be higher quality items that the collector will be able to display along side other collections they have. The first box will have Adventure Time, Legend of Zelda and World of Warcraft. The box will run you $50, which is a little bit more then the other boxes, but for a higher quality of item it will be worth it. I know that I want to get myself a box. It sounds like something I would want.

They also talked with me about the Loot Pets Crate which I love and get for my little furball. As of April the Loot Pet box will now have a shirt for both yourself and for your furbaby. So you can have matching shirts with your pets. My cat and I definitely rock our shirts together. The boxes come with dog treats, toys, and other pet products. I love the boxes and share the pet treats with my friends that have dogs and will say More Cat Items Please… but overall its a great box.

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QMX revealed the new Kaylee statue that will come in the Firefly box. It’s very neat statue and I am sure that most Firefly fans would want to have one in their collection. I am in love with a lot of the items that QMX is coming out with and can’t wait for them to be in more boxes. I very much enjoy the things I have from them. I love my Batman and Deadpool.

100% Awesome Official Dr Who Merchandise

photo 1Lvl UP is the new service that you can add on to your boxes that gets you accessories and apparel. In the room while we talked they had displayed the funnest Mario socks and a Space Invaders Hoodie. I was totally in love with the Bowser socks.

Loot Crate has been branching off and starting to have more then just the core Loot Crate, Loot Pet. You can now get Loot Anime and Loot Gaming. Loot Gaming sold out the first box in just 13 days. They are doing something right. I can’t wait to see what we have in store for us over the next year.

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