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Marvel Begins the Road to The Force Awakens With “Shattered Empire”

Shattered-Empire-1-Noto-Cover-527c0Will the Star Wars news ever stop?


Don’t care! This is amazing.

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Marvel announced the beginnings of their “Journey to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” project with the four-part mini-series “Shattered Empire”, which takes place after the events of Return of the Jedi and pave the way to The Force Awakens. The comic will be written by reuniting Punisher creative team Greg Rucka (Also of Lazarus and Gotham Central fame) and Marco Checchetto (Avenging Spider-Man, Avengers World).


It makes one really take a look at Marvel’s Star Wars line: Jason Aaron/Stuart Immonen, Kieron Gillen/Salvador Larocca, Mark Waid/Terry Dodson, Greg Weissman/Pepe Larraz, the also recently announced Charles Soule/Alex Maleev and now this. For those outside the comics-sphere, this is all top-tier talent on these books and they have not only been incredibly accessible, but incredibly good too. I would highly recommend any of these books to a Star Wars fan in a heartbeat.

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Shattered Empire begins September 2015.

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