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Daredevil Season 2 Announced

daredevil-posterHouse of CardsOrange is the New Black, Arrested Development only to name a few series that have become successful under the housing of Netflix.

Something about that online video streaming company knows he secret formula for making a successful television series.

DD-Window-720x405Daredevil has been no different. They took an unsuccessful Marvel movie character and adapted the idea. Now, it seems as if something that was missing from the MCU was fulfilled through the creation of Matthew Murdock. The personal touch that comes from vigilantism, much like Batman Begins or Angel, in its early seasons, seeps through here.

All too often the idea of saving the world comes into play with heroes like the Avengers or Justice League. The fantasy of the world begins to overtake the idea of realism, which is great for a comic book adaptation because fantasy and fiction should be at the heart of it. When that happens though, something gets lost in translation.

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A little girl being molested by her drunk father, an elderly woman being murder by a druggie, or corrupt embezzlement are forgotten when an alien armada comes raining form the skies by people like Tony Stark and Thor. Even Captain America forgot about the little guy he so proudly stands up for.

Yet here, the series shows a world outside of the Avengers while still being a part of it. They are just bigger. This is smaller, but nonetheless important. Every person matters, ever life matters. That’s what is at the heart of this series. Through in some life or death situations, serious and dark overtones, and a comedic relief and we have ourselves a series.

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daredevil-netflix-wislon-fiskIts best parts are not always what you would think. Sometimes it is look at the hero and the villain and seeing how they came to be what they were, much like Smallville but not so dragged on. It is not rushed like a movie would be in its origins, but it is not so prolonged as it would be if it were on network television. It discards filler for depth and profound affect.

daredevilEvery character has purpose and meaning, and every scene accomplishes something. It is clear that is is a part of Marvel’s Cinematic universe without being overbearing like Agents of Shield was in its first season. With thirteen amazing episodes on Netflix, it is clear why according to Collider, season 2 for Daredevil has been confirmed for 2016.


Steven S. DeKnight, known for little shows like Smallville, Angel, Dollhouse, and the Spartucus mini series and War of the Damned, will not be returning as the show runner unfortunately. But with so many people involved, it is clear this amazing Marvel series will still have plenty to offer.

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