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Four Horsemen of X-Men: Apocalypse

After the scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past, it became clear that there would be much more to Apocalypse that met the  eye. The legendary Four Horsemen were hinted at and in a tweet, Mr Singer had some things to say:

While this may not be huge news, and we are not close to actually filming it is nice to see this team together.  As a person who writes (in fact you are reading my words right now) I’ve always been very interested in the writing process especially on something as collaborative as a film.  This tweet  seems to indicate that despite his personal legal and potentially criminal charges Singer is moving forward and I hope Fox is supporting the man who brought so much to the X-Men franchise.  While I usually side with the potential victim in a sexual assault allegation before all of the information is in, I find the allegations against Singer very odd, and far from cut and dry.  This gives the man the benefit of the doubt in my mind.”
-Bryan Singer

And while it may not be huge news to Bryan Singer, but it is excellent G33k news because it confirms that Apocalypse is o the right track. Looks like X-Men is in good hands. It brings a warmth to this man’s heart after seeing Days of Future Past, which was spectacular, but it had some failings.

Let us hope that like all other X-Men movies, that things just get better and better.

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