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Here is Who Died in CA: Civil War

It is no shock that the funeral posts have been going around the internet. Everyone is expecting the death of a someone from net year’s Marvel’s blockbuster to be the splangly-outfit-wearing boy scout we all enjoy to watch. But it will come as a small shock tha it is, drum rll please, Peggy Carter who is the one who bites in this leaked bit of info from Captain America: Civil War.

sqjcblzThe woman was nearly 95 years old for heaven’s sake. It should not be such a shock that she dies in the next movie. But, honestly, it is very doubtful that she would be the only mortality in the movie seeing as heroes should be clashing and meta-humans will be at the heart of its story.


And if there was no loss of life, like in the Avengers: Age of Ultron when it comes to their climatic battles, Marvel will be disappointing a lot of fans, and even more of its purists out there.

In other Cap news, it seems there are cast members in costumes, and more info than ever out about this. The movie is shaping up to be the Avengers film we all knew we wanted.

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Captain America: Civil War On Set Photos.

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